40 Day Stretch Mark Removal Challenge


For years I have battled stretch marks and I’m at a point where I’m just like “You gatta go!”. For the past couple months I have been working on revamping myself. I have been reading more, opening up my mind more, taking a bit more time to breathe, exercising and eating good whole foods. After my anxiety break down last year, I felt I needed some TLC and who better to give it to me but me?

I always promote self-love but we all have those things that we’d like to change if possible. Mine is STRETCH MARKS. So, as usual, I brushed up on my knowledge and read other people’s journeys to stretch mark removal. I wanted to see how people have dealt with their scarring and if I could get some awesome ideas on how I could treat mine.

Obviously there were MILLIONS of people sharing their stretch mark stories but thanks to my knowledge on natural remedies, I managed to narrow it down. Before I tell you how we are going to do this, it’s time for a Biology lesson. Stretch marks, medically known as striae, are smooth, white, scar-like lesions that usually occur due to rapid stretching of the skin. They often develop during pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, and adolescence.

Several common misconceptions about stretch marks make it difficult to gain a better understanding of this problem. So, you need to be equipped with the correct knowledge to deal with this problem properly. Firstly, I think it’s great to know that stretch marks are not only caused by weight gain and stretching skin, it can be hormonal and genetic as well!

Stretch marks are very difficult to get rid of and if I learned one thing from those who managed to improve theirs, is that you need to be consistent! Unlike scars or acne spots, stretch marks are on the inside of your skin, the dermis layer.

I always get bleak when I see other dermatologist say that it’s impossible to get rid of stretch marks, which I guess it’s true. But I am sure that we can significantly reduce the appearance of them in the areas that matter most.


for this specific regimen you will need:

2 tbs unrefined cocoa butter
Rosehip seed oil (you can sub this for sweet almond/ unrefined castor oil)
raw sugar / Himalayan salts
Vitamin E oil
So, there it is. Not much at all.


take a cup of raw sugar/salts and add to it a carrier oil of your choice. For this, I use olive oil because it’s cheap but still has great healing qualities.
hop in the shower and cleanse your body like you normally would.
grab your sugar/Himalayan salt scrub and scrub effectively on your problem areas (you gatta scrub for a couple minutes)
rinse off the sugar and wash off the oil – you will be oily.
Scoop out some cocoa butter, and melt it. (Immerse a little of it in a jar in boiling water – do it before you go in the shower so it’s ready and melted when you get out)
mix melted cocoa butter with a carrier oil (mine are rosehip and castor)
add 1tsp of vitamin E oil and mix.
MASSAGE in the mixture.
I admit, this is a lot of work. But I am willing to do it for 40 days and let you guys know how it turns out! I think waking up earlier is a small price to pay for the potential benefits. Besides the time, I think this is pretty straightforward.

scrubbing the skin helps to promote blood circulation as well as to get rid of dead skin. We exfoliate our face regularly but what about our bodies? Cocoa butter is a great addition to this regimen, it’s rich in vitamins and has antioxidant properties. The same goes for the carrier oil as well as the vitamin E oil. I mean, instead of buying products that “contain vitamin E and cocoa butter” why not go and actually buy the vitamin E and cocoa butter?

Basically, this must be done twice a day, EVERY DAY, for 40 days and we document the changes. I’m not saying there aren’t better ways to remove stretch marks, I’m sure there are and if you have tried any, let me and others know! But for us who can only afford so much and have been scammed by bogus stretch mark creams, this MAY just be the answer! Our bodies are different, some of us need more intense care as compared to others. I have had my stretch marks for close to 7 years now and over-the-counter products just won’t do anything for me, this is why I have set this plan in motion.

Remember to also drink water, break a sweat and live stress-free. At the end of the day, we are trying to heal our skin using a holistic approach. We need to take care of ourselves on the inside as much as we do on the outside. This means indulging in leafy greens which promote elasticity as well as water retention. Although stretch marks aren’t a disease, I think it’s awesome to want healthy-looking skin. It boosts confidence and makes one feel beautiful.

So, here’s my regimen for stretch marks that I am hoping to start On the 1st of August! I will post my before and after Pictures on this blogpost and hopefully the difference will be amazing 😁

Let me know if you’ll be joining me!

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