Date: May 3 - June 4
Venue: Roxy Revue Bar, Grand West Casino
Times: Wednesdays - Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 5pm & 8pm, Sundays at 3pm
Tickets: R120
Bookings: Computicket

After a successful sold-out season in Johannesburg, ANDRE THE HILARIOUS HYPNOTIST heads to Cape Town for a short season at Roxy Revue Bar, GrandWest Casino from 3 May - 4 June.

If you are hearing stories of your best friends cousins wife who got up to impersonate a chicken laying a square egg you can be sure of the fact that Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist is back in town and when it comes to laughing at yourself, there is little to beat him.

The bilingual hypnotist with a penchant for jokes about Bloemfontein invites volunteers onto the stage, hypnotises them and then gets them to take part in various hilarious hypnotic routines on stage that has the audience almost literally rolling in the aisles with laughter.

What can be funnier than a bunch of hypnotised volunteers taking part in suggestions which vary from the strange to the down right ridiculous as Andre makes his volunteers impersonate everything from a washing machine, typewriter and goldfish to Superman and a sprinkler.

If your evening entails a relaxing evening of organised hilarity you would have no choice but to admit that Andre beats Karaoke hands down.

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist performs at the Roxy Revue Bar at GrandWest Casino from 3 May - 4 June 2017. Shows are from Wednesdays - Fridays at 20h00, Saturdays at 17h00 and 20h00 and Sundays at 15h00.

Tickets are just R120 per person and bookings are through Computicket at or by calling 0861 915 8000 or any Computicket desk in selected Checkers stores.

There is no age restriction and the the duration of the show is 75 minutes with no interval.

The show makes for perfect family friendly entertainment for young and old alike and is the ideal escapism for this moment in time.

Follow Andre on Twitter at @andrehypnotist



Andre matriculated in 1987, having been part of his schools Speech and Drama ensemble. It was during this time that Andre met his Mentor and inspiration, the late Max Collie who paved his way into a industry that Andre still occupies today. Although Andre’s studies was as a teacher, this soon changed after he saw a show of the late Max Collie and he was hooked.

Andre who studied drama and qualified as a speech and Drama teacher had his drama teacher despondent as the only career she could see him excel in was that of a newsreader. When Andre saw the late Max Collie perform he knew he had discovered his career.

Andre’s career gained momentum when he was placed in the Entertainment wing of the armed forces where he together with Afrikaans legends like the late “Al Debbo” and Kurt Darren entertained troups on the border.

In 1994 Andre’s show opened to the public at the Victory Theatre in Johannesburg and went on to set the highest attendance record in every venue across South Africa and all bordering countries.

During Andre’s time at University he became the first ever student to win the Jagger Bequest Speech and drama Competition for three years in a row and his career in the theatre industry was truly cemented.

In 20000 Andre set a new attendance record as South African stage hypnotist filling the Carnival City Casino arena (5000 seater). From here he continued to have two highly successful 14 episode seasons broadcast on KYKNET - "Skaterlag 1" and "Skaterlag 2”.


1. Andre lost 100kg’s in weight, weighing in at 174kg’s Andre could not only claim to be the biggest attraction but he was starting to fill the stage as the biggest performer. Through a network of likeminded professionals Andre manage to shred the weight and has for the past 8 years stayed a lean 100kg’s lighter than his starting weight.

2. Andre is a avid speleologist - although the name Speleologist could conjure up strange idea’s it actually refers to the hobby of cave exploration, something Andre has been passionate about since a very young age. Andre also owns a property with a cave system located on the property. Andre purchased the property in order to protect the cave from any possible damage.

3. Andre is a Seahorse fanatic. Very few creatures in nature inspires Andre as much as the humble Sea-horse. With a avid love for this species Andre was fortunate enough to visit and see the Leafy Seadragon a distant cousin of the seahorse while visiting America in 2017. Andre works closely with conservationists in the Sea-horse industry which like it’s land locked cousins the elephant and rhino are constantly under threat from the eastern medicine trade.

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