#AndUs Experience

The Festive Season has begun early at Woolworths with their #SurpriseSaturdays
- 11 Saturdays of "Surprises" which includes experiences, inspiration, delights and of course, surprises!

Image Credits Nabihah Plaatjes

One of the activations that fell on a Surprise Saturday, was the #AndUs Campaign targeted at pre-teens and teens enhancing their creativity and allowing for them to spend an entire morning at Woolworths!

This was the perfect opportunity for me to bond with my soon-to-be 12 year old niece, so I borrowed her from her parents, asked for their permission to post on social media and began an entire morning of fun, fun and fun!!

We arrived at the Woolworths at Sandton City and immediately saw the other youngsters busy with their designs. The energy was electrifying as they crowded the craft table planning each step as the DJ kept them entertained with music that their age range would enjoy and Emilio's Gourmet Popcorn supplied the much needed (and loved) snack for busy teens.

We received our R400 voucher and made our way to the #AndUs Brand which catered for the 9 -16 year old range and we were spoilt for choice. Luckily, my niece had a plan in mind of what type of clothing she wanted. 

After trying a few options and sizes, we opted for a denim ripped jeans and a grey T-shirt with minimal print and when we arrived at the counter to pay for the items, we received a wonderful surprise! Woolworths was having a 3 for 2 special where we could get 3 items and only pay for 2 - so another T-shirt hopped on over for FREE! 

Excited with this newfound surprise, we made our way towards the craft tables to begin decorating her items of clothing. A simple initial written in a graffiti-type manner with the colors that she had chosen, was designed (by a professional) on her grey T-shirt and fabric appliqués were glued (with some help) on the front of her jeans. Studs were then pressed onto the back of her jeans to give it that extra pazzazz.... (do people still say that word?!)

Image Credits Nabihah Plaatjes

While we designed and adorned her newly bought clothes, a Teen band from Cape Town, the Skyscrapers, wowed us with their performance. The vocals and musical talent surpassed those of teens and my niece and myself was positively impressed by them! 

Another exciting addition to the experience, was the Selfie Mirror where consumers can walk away with R5000.00 in vouchers. All they needed to do was take a photo at the Selfie Mirror with their customized design and post it on Social Media!

Image Credits Nabihah Plaatjes 

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