Annual Street Food Festival with NOLA a sensational success

The annual Street Food Festival held in Cape Town and Johannesburg during September saw masses of hungry visitors flocking back to the popular festival and it being another sensational success this year.


The Nola #CreateAStir Stand at the Annual Street Food Festival
Image Supplied by NOLA


The festival saw people heading straight to the NOLA Mayonnaise stand to experience creamy, tantalizing dishes inspired by NOLA and made by their ambassadors, Chef Lucia Mthiyane and The Lazy Makoti. The chefs got creative and provided fresh twists to their dishes by incorporating NOLA into every dish, leaving festival goers coming back for seconds and excited to see them #CreateAStir with NOLA.

“What a thrilling experience being a part of the Street Food Festival this year and being one of NOLA’s ambassadors! Being able to mingle with all the festival goers as they visited the NOLA stand was so much fun and it was great to see them enjoying the NOLA Mayonnaise inspired dishes,”

explained Chef Lucia Mthiyane. 

“I loved being able to #CreateAStir with NOLA at the Street Food Festival this year and bringing creamy and delicious dishes to the table for people to enjoy. People just kept coming back for more and wanting more of our NOLA Mayonnaise inspired dishes. I hope people will start to incorporate Nola into their dishes at home, give current dishes that fresh twist in order to #Create A Stir,"

says The Lazy Makoti.


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