Are you Ready to take up the Hot Wheels® Track Builder challenge and experience the new Jaguar F-Type?

Hot Wheels® and Jaguar South Africa have collaborated to bring you the ultimate test of skill and determination.

Hot Wheels Jaguar
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By letting your inner child loose and taking up the three Hot Wheels® challenges before getting into the new Jaguar F-Type and putting your brainpower and driving abilities to the test, participants stand a chance to win the ultimate full day Jaguar Performance Drive for them and 5 friends.

Hot Wheels®, in partnership with Jaguar South Africa, is celebrating the new and hottest addition to the Jaguar family as well as the Hot Wheels® Track Builder segment. Available now at leading retailers, the Track Builder segment delivers unlimited experimental building and fun.

Hot Wheels® and Jaguar South Africa have an created an incredible installation at the Jaguar Land Rover Experience Centre in Johannesburg. This series of tracks, loops bends, climbs and turns takes you on a journey and lets you experience the thrill of driving on a track without having to step outside.

Stunting is at the heart of being a track builder, and the three graduated sized stunt loops make track builds 3 times cooler with the first-ever triple loop stunt with amped up jump stunts to keep the thrills challenging! Multi-use Hot Wheels® pieces can be used in nearly endless combinations to unlock creativity and create a jaw-dropping racing experience.

Now accompanying the iconic orange tracks, of which over 7,000 miles of track is made each year, Hot Wheels® has launched new coloured tracks to ramp up the fun and to fuel your ability to invent and overcome new obstacles. With boosters, your Hot Wheels® car will power through each turn and jump.

The possibilities to Build it, Boost it and Stunt it are endless with Hot Wheels®. With Track Builder there is no limit to what you can create! The picture on the box is epic, but what’s in your imagination is even better! Share the Track Builder experience today, and customize your track experience with numerous different twists, turns and loops, to see if you’re the ultimate track builder.

Read about our experience with the Hot Wheels and Jaguar F-TYPE:

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Hot Wheels also has more to offer than you know. Find out what’s new, check out the incredible stunting videos and see which are the most popular videos out there by visiting Hot Wheels®on You Tube:

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