Autumn Requiems of two contrasting choral works at St George’s Cathedral

Come and experience the best of choral music with the Symphony Choir of Cape Town, on 26 April 2018 at St George’s Cathedral.

Image Supplied by Symphony Choir of Cape Town

The choir will delve into choral music composer, John Rutters’ adored requim as well as explore the compositions of musical prodigy, Johan Hummel. Prepare yourself for a night of exquisite classical music.

“Choral music is not one of life’s frills … It’s like a great oak that rises up from the centre of the human race and spreads its branches everywhere. That’s what music does for us. And choral music must stand as one of the supreme examples of it,” said composer John Rutter CBE in an interview in 2015.

The composer’s beloved Requiem, considered one of the most popular choral compositions of the past 30 years, will be performed by The Symphony Choir of Cape Town, under the guidance of maestro Alexander Fokkens at St Georges Cathedral, Cape Town, on Thursday, 26 April at 19h30.

The Choir will also perform a profound and effect-laden piece by Johann Hummel, Mass in B flat major, op.77. This work is considered to be among the most important masses to have been written at the turn of the 18th century, but it has hardly ever been performed in South Africa.

Hummel, a musical child prodigy, was taught by Mozart, was friends with Beethoven and Schubert, took over Haydn’s job, and had a clear influence on Chopin and Schumann’s early works.

Don’t miss this evening of exquisite choral music in Sir Herbert Baker's neo-Gothic cathedral with its haunting acoustics.


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