Boston Media House Host Annual Academic Colloquium: Reshaping South African Media in the 21st Century Using Digital Media/Technology

As the end of the academic year is fast approaching, the Boston Media House Bachelor of Business Administration Post Graduate students get ready to host their annual Academic Colloquium.

Image Supplied by Boston Media House

The academic event is to be held at the Boston Media House Campus, 10th Street in Parkmore (Sandton), Johannesburg on November 15th, 201 and has been constructed under the theme, “Reshaping South African Media in the 21st Century Using Digital Media.”

The first-ever Boston Media House Academic Colloquium was held in 2016, and was created to “demonstrate an understanding by the students of both the national and international media operations environment”. 

This year’s specifically themed roundtable comes ahead of the Post Graduate Students final year at Boston Media House – all of whom are studying towards their Bachelor of Business Administration in Media Operations. Fittingly, this year’s event will see the media institution approach the 2-year mark since the formation and conceptualisation of this unique Post Graduate Degree.

The Boston Media House Post Graduate Students will use the colloquium to discuss the impact digital media and technology has on the 21st Century, as well as how it is contributing to reshaping the South African media landscape for the future. The motive behind this upcoming academic colloquium is to assess and evaluate the progress made by the Post Graduate Students through the years. It will look at each student's academic understanding of the ever-changing media landscape, how they interact and network with other media players, and their ability to plan, organise and execute an academic colloquium such as this.

The event will serve as a platform for open academic conversation amongst all media industry players and exhibit academic papers written and presented by the students detailing the challenges facing media organisations, and how the South African media landscape can be reshaped using digital media. Each student will give his or her own recollection of how he / she believes each segment within the media industry, e.g. Public Relations, Radio or Advertising can be or is being re-shaped using digital media. The overall aim is to create an environment that is informative and entertaining, all while discussing the media industry's latest trends.

The colloquium will give individuals within the different sectors of the media industry an opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in today’s ever-changing and developing digital technology, and the improvements they believe need to be made in the media industry. It will also serve as a platform for the students, the institution and all relevant media players to develop a working relationship.

As one of our invited guests, you will get an opportunity to come and learn with us, as well as network and exchange ideas and opinions. The event will allow you to gain valuable knowledge about where the media industry will be in the next few years, the future of digital media and some of the enhancements that will contribute to the development of the South African Digital Media landscape.

As Douglas Engelbert once said, “the digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or printing”.

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