Building a great brand in a nutshell! by Raeesa Ismail

In a world full of brands that constantly compete to be number 1, organizations are at the forefront of the race to win and grab the consumers’ attention.


That emphasizes that your brand has to stand-out from the rest. Building a sustainable and trusted brand is key the success and longevity of any brand and company.

There are a few simples tick boxes in having a great brand. Some of them will be explored below:

A simple, meaningful logo:

A good logo must interpret the values, corporate colors and bring the brand to life. A customer should easily link the logo to the brand – recalling a memory of the brand in the consumer’s mind. Putting together a logo can be tedious with many brainstorming sessions. The key to developing the right logo is to incorporate the colors, message, values and strength of the brand. In other words, the logo must fit the type of company that it represents.

A comprehensive corporate ID:

The corporate ID is such an essential group of elements that forms the foundation of any brand. This incorporates the layout of email signatures, business cards, company profile, presentation templates, flyers or brochure templates etc. these elements must tie up with the logo and forms an essential part of the brand touch points. These are the elements that make up the brand. A consumer is more likely to come into contact with the organization through one of the above.

Corporate Social Investment

Having a recognized brand takes perseverance and a great foundation to make the product/service a success. Maintaining the success and the product/service requires a brand intervention every now and then. Getting involved in social initiatives and social campaigns helps create brand re-awareness and re-targeting the market. Organizations’ should be constantly involved in corporate social initiatives as it has many positive benefits to society- adding to the credibility of the company and adds value to the BBBEE scorecard.

Digital and Online presence

An essential part of having a great digital and online presence is to ensure that the organization has a fully functional website, a Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter page etc. Having a presence on all relevant platforms will ensure that an online presence is prevailing. On the back-end, organizations can invest in SEO (search engine optimization), AdWords and PPC (Pay per click) campaigns so that the company is existence on web and that consumers can easily find us at the click of a button. The above campaigns create a favorable presence on google-linking the organization to websites and social media platforms.

These are just some of the important points to ensure a great and powerful brand for any organization. More points will be discussed in my next write up on building a great brand through partnerships and other initiatives.

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