Cancerous Cosmetics

This is a topic that really gets me going, let me say. I felt the urge to blog about this about reading about a woman in the United States, who won her case against pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, after stating that their baby powder caused her to develop OVARIAN CANCER

Now, if you follow me on Twitter then you KNOW how much I speak against these pharmaceutical products as well as many other store-bought cosmetics that we start using at an early age. I mean everything; lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, eyeliners, conditioners, toners, lipstick, makeup, shower gels, perfumed (flavoured) petroleum jelly/Vaseline. I speak against these products because of the detriments that they bring about on our bodies when we’re using them without us even noticing. So, below, I have listed some detrimental and carcinogenic chemicals that’s are contained in your cosmetics so you and your family know what to be on the lookout for the next time you go toiletry shopping!

You may know that cancer is caused by a change in a cell’s DNA. These changes can be hereditary and passed down genetically from one family member to the other, or it can be brought up by environmental factors. These environmental factors include (but not limited to)

  • pollution
  • Medical treatments such as going through radiation and medications such as chemotherapy and hormone drugs.
  • UV light exposure from natural light (the sun)
  • Smoking(exposure to tobacco)
  • household detergents

Substances and exposure that have been linked to cancer and which can lead to cancer are referred to as carcinogens and here’s a list of some that you need to look out for!

Coal Tar

This is mostly used in treatments that are targeted at dry skin. It is also used in shampoo for anti-lice as well as anti-dandruff.


Used in many soaps, shampoos and shower gels or foam baths as an emulsifier And foaming agent.

Ethoxylated Surfactant & 1.4 Dioxane

Usually never listed as a carcinogen because of the fact that this is a by-product of using carcinogenic ethylene oxide in order to make something that is not as harsh. It has been found that MAJORITY (57%) of baby washes have this  substance.


carcinogen that is used in nail polish as well as fake hair-dye as well as eyelash-adhesive. This has been banned in some European countries!


I always warn against this one & say “stay away from products that smell good”. If it’s not a natural smell that has been added to the product (for example a drop or two of an essential oil) then just don’t even bother. Also connected to asthma, headaches and dizziness.


This is mostly used in skin lightening products and is deemed the most toxic on the EWG skin deep database. Linked to cancer as well as reproductive toxicity.


found in lipstick or hair dye but never listed because it’s not an ingredient but a contaminant.


ingredient found in mascara and eye drops that also impairs brain development.

Mineral oil

a by-product of petroleum jelly and is used in baby oils, moisturizer and styling gel. This substance creates a film that impairs your skin’s ability to release toxins


An ingredient found in sunscreens that has been linked to low birth weight, hormone disruption as well as cellular damage.


found in many cosmetic products including makeup, shampoos, moisturizer and more. It’s used as a preservative and is linked to cancer,  endocrine disruption as well as reproductive toxicity.

Paraphenylenediamine (PDD)

used in hair dyes and is toxic to skin as well as immune system.


these are plasticisers that have been banned in toys (in some countries) but are still present in many cosmetics such as perfumes and deodorants. These cause endocrine disruptions, as well.

Placental extract

used in various skin and hair products & also linked to endocrine disruptions.

Silicone-derived emollient

these are used in products to give them a “soft feeling”. This substance is bad for your health and the environment as it is not biodegradable, prevents skin from “breathing” and is also linked to tumor growths as well as skin irritation.


this substance is found in baby powder, blush as well as eyeshadow and deodorant. Linked to ovarian cancer as well as respiratory problems.


widely known to disrupt foetal development as well as immune and endocrine system. Often hidden under “fragrance” it is used in nail polish as well as hair products.


found in anti-bacterial products such as hand-sanitizer. It is linked to cancer as well as endocrine system disruptions.

I care about the well being of our earth as well as her people and I feel as if we should  be more vigilant when it comes to what we put into our bodies. People care so much about what they put in their mouths and forget that there are some huge dangers in the things that we put into our skin. This was an information post and I hope people learn and do something about it. The fact that so many of these things we use on a daily basis as well as from a young age, it’s just crazy! Capitalism thrives off of our lack of knowledge just to maximize on profits. Stand your ground and act against it, dabble in some natural ingredients that you can even make at home for yourself and the good thing is you’ll know EXACTLY what went into it.


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