CHE Argentine Grill – The ultimate Argentinian Cuisine Experience

Nestled in the heart of Maboneng, CHE Argentine Grill is home to the best in authentic Argentinian cuisine and embodies the story of two friends from the “Rio de la Plata”.

CHE Argentine Grill

Image Supplied by CHE Argentine Grill

The story starts a few years back where the duo brought together by their love and passion for authentic Argentinian cuisine and the happy-go-lucky spirit that comes with enjoying a hearty meal.

Oscar, a native to Uruguay, came to South Africa as a young boy and quickly fell in love with the vibrancy and diversity that South African culture has to offer, particularly its adoration for great meat dishes. As time wore on though, he began to feel a little homesick and decided to take it upon himself to start recreating recipes from home, making mouth-watering empanadas and asados. Having perfected these recipes, Oscar was then introduced to Bernardo, a flamboyant national who came to South Africa from Argentina a few years prior. The pair quickly became the best of friends and through sheer determination and perseverance they decided to start a business selling empanadas at the illustrious Arts on Main in Maboneng.

Before they knew it, Oscar and Bernardo were selling hundreds of units every weekend, they had identified a gap in the market and naturally progressed into expanding to other food items, including sirloin sandwiches served on an open fire grill, now a famous favourite in the Johannesburg CBD region.

Having worked at the market the pair knew they needed to upscale to a restaurant but strived for something unique and off the cuff and so CHE Argentine Grill was born in the deep and mysteriously cool setting of the Maboneng Precinct.

Since the restaurants launch in 2015 some menu favourites have emerged. Starters of course include the Empanadas; mouth-watering Argentinian homemade pies served with a selection of fillings, the Chorizo is served with Chimichurri sauce and the Provoleta; CHE’s trademark Argentinian smoked provolone cheese, served on a pesto sauce with pepper and salsa criolla (tomato, red onion and parsley).

For mains, the Asado or short ribs with addictive crispy fat or the tender and succulent Black Angus Rib Eye are renowned favourites. Not forgetting the Papa Fritas A La Provenzal or chips with garlic and parsley and the fresh rocket salad are the most popular side dishes. And, to finish off, CHE’s most beloved sweet treat items include the Flan Del Rio De La Plata; their signature crème caramel or the Alfajor Helado, a dessert of layered pecan nut biscuits, dulce de leche ice cream, chocolate glaze and a mixed berry sauce.

CHE is the ultimate authentic Argentine experience and a must visit spot for both locals and tourists alike.

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