Dining while on Safari at Africa on Foot

Safari. A Swahili word meaning journey. A word that conjures up images of open-topped game viewers traversing uncharted landscapes, teeming with big game. But, going on safari is about so much more than just game viewing.

It’s also about the eating, the sampling of new foods and customs; all the while soaking up the wild surrounds. You'll eat a lot while on safari, so see it as an opportunity to loosen your belt, put on a few kilograms and indulge. For some reason, being in the bushveld makes you sleepy and hungry.

Great food need not come at a high price. There are intimate, small camps within Kruger private reserves that have excellent chefs delivering constantly evolving menus. Africa on Foot in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve is one of these camps. They put a traditional spin on modern cuisine. Catering for herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, grazers, browsers and scavengers; Africa on Foot certainly covers a variety of palates.

Meal times are centred around game drives, walks and activities. When you stay in an elite private reserve, your accommodation rate is generally inclusive of game drives, meals, teas and coffees, snacks and occasionally local drinks. Meal times are spent dining together with other guests – unless private dining is requested prior to arrival.

Breakfast is served after your morning game drive or walk. A selection of rusks and hot beverages are available to keep your energy levels up during your morning activity. Upon your return, you’ll discover a small selection of fresh, seasonal fruits, muesli and yoghurt. A hot breakfast is normally served while you sit together at the safari dining table discussing the morning’s sightings. On occasion, Africa on Foot likes to surprise their guests with a breakfast in the middle of the bushveld. What can be better than devouring breakfast while the gentle pachyderms crunch their way through the thickets. Try a cup of Rooibos tea with your breakfast – a traditional tea brew that is very good for your body!

Lunch is another big eating affair! Quiche with a courgette base, salads, pasta and anything light is served. The portions are sufficient and you can always go back for more. At lunchtime, it is customary to indulge in a local beer or a gin and tonic. A G&T is the safari drink of choice. It is believed that the quinine in tonic water deters the mosquitoes from biting you. The dosage in tonic water is so low that it doesn't make much of a difference, but it's a good reason to have a G&T.

Late afternoon is when the game drive departs. Your ranger will pack your drink of choice and an assortment of snacks. Biltong is normally included in these snack packs! Biltong is the snack of choice for carnivorous South Africans and it’s basically dried meat laden with spices.

When the sun sinks into oblivion and you’re done with your nocturnal sightings, your ranger will bring you back to camp. You’re normally greeted with a shooter of Amarula (creamy liqueur made from Marula berries) or even a Springbok (shooter made with Amarula and layered with green peppermint liqueur). In the background, a roaring fire signifies its time to retire to the boma area. As the flames lick the dark night, your ranger will prepare you for a braai experience.

A braai is a favourite pastime of many South Africans and involves cooking your meat over hot coals out in the open. Sip slowly on a glass of fine South African wine and soak up all that Africa on Foot has to offer.

Africa on Foot is an intimate camp located in the heart of the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. The camp specialises in professional big five walking safaris and focuses on unique safari experiences.

The Sun Destinations portfolio is a growing representation of some of Southern Africa's most coveted, yet preserved wildlife areas; a careful selection of authentic bush camps and supreme safari lodges to be discovered. In Botswana, Sun Destinations represent Camp Savuti, Camp Linyanti, Afrika Ecco Safaris and the houseboats Ngwesi and Delta Belle. In the Greater Kruger in South Africa, Sun Destinations represent Africa on Foot, nThambo Tree Camp, nDzuti Safari Camp, Umkumbe Safari Lodge and Nokana Safari Camp. From riverside boma fires to uninterrupted views of the stars, our lodges are selected based on their location, their owner-managed intimacy, and excellence in wildlife encounters. This is the home of marketing and reservations for a collection of Africa's Hidden Secrets.

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