Doppio Zero New Summer Menu Launch

When one of South Africa's most loved restaurants teams up with a revolutionary lifestyle payment app, the result is efficiency, great rewards, and of course many more happy customers.

Zapper South Africa is a convenient payment application that allows users to pay for products/ services with their smartphone by simply scanning a QR code and confirming the amount to be paid. 

The application is linked to a credit/ cheque card which is encrypted on the user's phone to allow them to effortlessly make payment, without carrying their cards with them.

Besides the ease of use of the system, there are great rewards for users and one of them is when a merchant decides that they want to treat their most loyal customers to an evening with their partner to experience their new products. This is exactly what Doppio Zero did on the 8th November 2017 at their store in the Mall of the South, located in the South of Johannesburg.

Doppio Zero is a chain of restaurants around South Africa, who have been operating since 2002 and are known for their freshly baked artisanal breads, as well as their gourmet pizzas and pastas.

Doppio Zero, who offer Zapper as a payment option at their restaurant, decided to launch their new Summer Menu with an intimate dinner for four loyal customers and their partners. 

Ian and Lucy, Robert and Sue, Toni and Samantha, and Hassan and Kudsiya were the four lucky couples to have the first taste of the new Doppio Zero Summer Menu.


All four couples were highly impressed with the quality and the selection of food, and were filled to the brim before leaving the restaurant. The couples all agreed on the excellent service and delicious dishes as the reasons that kept them coming back to Doppio Zero at the Mall of the South.

The bonus however, was taking the experience to another level by introducing the option of them using the Zapper app to pay for their meal. All the couples were avid users of the application and used them to purchase just about anything that they could, including flights from one of South Africa's leading airline carriers. The convenience of not having to carry around a card, was on top of the list for the reasons why they chose to use the Zapper application.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as the night was all about great company and good food.

The menu served on the night, was from the new Summer Menu and included favourites like fried haloumi skewers, to a selection of salads, pizzas and pastas. Interesting new dishes like black rice, as well as cinnamon sugar apple fries with caramel mascarpone, were also served amongst the three course dinner.

Each dish was freshly prepared; and not to give too much away as you need to try them all for yourself - but if you love thin crusted wood-fired pizzas, creamy sauced pastas, and zesty lemon desserts then you need to visit Doppio Zero to try their new Summer Menu.

There's also an option to book your year end function to enjoy the meal with not only family and friends, but work colleagues too - and don't forget to pay for your meal with Zapper. 

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