Family-Friendly Food Leader Gaby's Earth Foods Provides Health-Conscious Customers With All-Natural Snack Options

Gaby’s Earth Foods encourages healthy eating with a variety of healthy products that taste great


When it comes to food, today’s customers want it all – healthy, fresh and flavourful. With a diverse range of quality dried fruit and nuts, Gaby’s Earth Foods pride themselves in supplying all their customers with great healthy snack options and value for money.

The health food company was started by, Manuel Salgado, almost 20 years ago. The Journey began in June 1996 when Salgado travelled the world in pursuit of the finest quality products available. Salgado visited exactly 12 countries and over 100 nut farms and fruit drying facilities in his search for clean ingredients. The fundamental goal of the initiative was to provide healthy foods to consumers at an affordable price, "from his family to your family". Named after Salgado’s daughter, Gabriella, Gaby's Earth Foods was born.

By developing and growing for over 20 years in the industry, the company has grown from humble beginnings to become the leading nut brand in the dried fruit and nut category in supermarkets across South Africa.

Gaby’s have managed to maintain a significant customer base, including large retail chains throughout the country. They pride themselves on providing South Africans with the healthiest products sourced from all around the world. Quality products and on-time delivery allow Gaby’s to keep customer happiness at the forefront of the business. Management’s passionate commitment and vision to provide consumers with the healthiest product possible has steered the company to where it is today.

David Esterhuizen, Head of Operations, at Gaby’s Earth Foods expressed that Gaby’s are on a never-ending quest to bring customers more variety and value.

“Gaby's core value, from the inception of the brand, is to provide our loyal consumers with the healthiest possible products sourced from our suppliers around the world,” said Esterhuizen.

Esterhuizen continued, “This value is driven by the fact that the entire Gaby’s range uses no oil in the roasting process of all our nut products – a unique selling point of our brand.”

With consumers growing more health conscious each passing day, the core focus at Gaby’s Earth Foods is to keep all products as natural as possible to allow customers to experience nature's natural flavours.

“I have a great passion for what I do and I always act with integrity and professionalism to uphold the great brand that is Gaby’s. We're nuts about health, and that's our promise from the Gaby's family to you.” Esterhuizen concluded.

If you’re a health nut with a sweet tooth, Gaby’s knows just the treat for you. Visit the Gaby’s Earth Food website at for inspiring winter recipes that will help keep you toasty warm, as well as healthy this winter.

Now you and your family can enjoy healthy snack alternatives anytime thanks to Gaby’s Earth Foods.

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