Get Sam to Gibraltar - A Women's Month Initiative

Get Sam to Gibraltar

This is Sam.  We all love Sam.  Sam LOVES to swim and it is her dream to go and swim the Straits of Gibraltar.

A Women’s Day brunch for King Edward Preparatory School this past weekend brought three old friends together in a room full of strong women and inspiration. A chat and a catch up about what we all had been up to, revealed, that a certain Samantha Cowen, who has discovered a love for open water swimming, has a secret desire to swim the Straits Of Gibraltar -  but with it costing a pretty packet, seemingly unlikely.  

Enter Dionne and Helen who suggested a crowd funding campaign to get her there.  “But”, Sam said, “those are only for charities or other peoples wishes and dreams”.  She is right and that is why we are doing this, in solidarity for her!  Women help women!
It is Women's Month and Dionne Domyan-Mudie of The Publicity Workshop and singer, actress and radio presenter, Helen Desbois decided to put their heads together and get the word out to see how many people would come aboard and help us get Sam to Gibraltar.  


As many of you know, swimming is Sam's life and she would love to tick this off her list.

She has come so far and touched so many people...let's get her there and make her dream come true!  

To donate simply click on the following link: 
 #GetSamToGibraltar #SistersForSam

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