GWM showcases an all new GWM Pickup Truck with clear intentions of being a global LCV leader

On September 28th, GWM Pickup Truck announced China's leading LCV brand's determination to reach its goal of being in the top three LCV brands in the world.

At the launch event, Great Wall Motors announced its vision of being "China's No. 1 pickup brand, building No. 1 choice for Chinese consumers, and finally making GWM one of the world's top three pickup brands". To do this, GWM released the "Six-Star Strategy" to ramp up their efforts in upgrading the brand and open a new era for GWM Pickup Truck. Steed 7, a brand-new premium high-end pickup model, also made an appearance at the launch.

Pickup, was announced as the next big thing following SUV at this strategy conference, GWM Pickup Truck, as the segment leader, interpreted the development trend of pickup in China and the world, showing its vision for the future and their strong sense of responsibility to the segment.

Globally, pickup has always been one of the most popular and largest sales segments and the most active base for a car loving culture. However, sales volumes of pickup vehicles in China only account for about 1.3% of the total market due to policy restrictions. With the deregulation of the policy and more encouraging circumstances, the Chinese domestic pickup market is bound to release its huge potential. The market potential, consumer demands and deregulation are accelerating a turning point in the industry. It is no doubt a significant strategic opportunity for GWM Pickup Truck whose track record boasts multiple industrial milestones with their stand out achievement being "No. 1 selling pickup for 20 consecutive years".

The Vice President of GWM and General Manager of the sales company, Li Ruifeng said, "From now, GWM Pickup Truck will officially become an independent sub-brand to support GWM's specialized brand matrix together with HAVAL, WEY and ORA. In the next 3 years, GWM Pickup Truck will launch "5+N" key products to firstly step into the Pickup 3.0 and 4.0 eras, which is characterized by utilization, connectivity, electrification, customization and intelligence, constructing a '5-pillar New Ecology' for pickups. Meanwhile, GWM Pickup Truck will focus on exploring the international market through more localized measures, so as to realize globally engineered, globally manufactured and globally shared products."

GWM Pickup Truck will explore its limitless value as a "Vehicle for life and all-purpose vehicle for family" to the full extent and to develop the "pickup+" concept and distinctive "Chinese pickup culture". It will assist in developing China's first vehicle for livelihood as well as be China's first pickup brand to comprehensively lead from trend to strategy and make itself one of the world's top three pickup brands.

Promoting the brand to lead the way, the "Six-Star Strategy" couldn't arrive at a more perfect time as for the long-term vision and goal of "China's No. 1 and one of the world top three pickup brands". GWM Pickup Truck has adapted and upgraded its strategy and launched the "Six-star Strategy" aiming at leading the industry in 6 aspects like production, product planning, dealer network, customer service, marketing and overseas exploration.

Strategy I: South+north layout. In terms of manufacturing, GWM Pickup Truck will continue to optimize the Baoding Plant as a production base and speed up the construction of the new plant in Chongqing Yongchuan to form a production layout running through the north and the south of China. A flexible production line with advanced technology is deployed in Chongqing Plant which will become a model plant practicing a concept of green and environmentally friendly operations.

Strategy II: Leading products. Currently, pickup is in the transitory stage from 2.0 era to 3.0 era. In the next 3 years, GWM Pickup Truck will launch "5+N" brand-new products and take the lead in entering the pickup 3.0 era featuring "multifunction, electrification, connectivity and customization". During this same period, GWM's R&D work related to pickup of 4.0 era and 5.0 era will steadily progress in parallel to these efforts.

Strategy III: Peace of mind service. GWM Pickup Truck has optimized its services in peace of mind selection, peace of mind purchase, peace of mind ownership and peace of mind driving, covering the entire lifecycle from car selection to utilization.

Strategy IV: "5+e" channel. Based on the channel exploration on new consumption and new transaction form, GWM Pickup Truck has suggested creating online and offline car purchase channels and build a "5+e" sales channel to provide a convenient way of purchasing a vehicle for customers.

Strategy V: Diversified marketing. Considering the customer's demand for diversification and multifunction, GWM Pickup Truck will offer customized products and corresponding sales service modes according to the needs of different customers.

Strategy VI: 1-6-4 Overseas strategy. "1" refers to one goal - continuing to strengthen its leading position as China's pickup brand overseas; "6" refers to its planning structure in 6 key overseas markets that will continue to consolidate its market positions in Australia, South America, Middle East and Southern Africa, as well as exploring markets in South Asia, and North Africa whilst improving the comprehensive layout in the overseas market, becoming the pioneer among Chinese brands in "The Belt and Road Initiative"; "4" means 4 leading aspects, i.e. leading product, leading sales, leading brand and leading service.

Steed 7 is another major model mainly targeting the middle and high-end markets, with the core customers being multi-purpose pickup truck users. With fashionable styling, interior and latest technology and features, benchmarking security and class leading quality, Steed 7 is poised to be the most competitive model in the current target market.

As the first model after the launch of the distribution of "5+N" products and the new strategy of GWM Pickup Truck, Steed 7 shows the future development direction of GWM Pickup Truck. By focusing on the 5-pillar new ecology of pickup truck, Steed 7 has many "black technologies" and brand-new upgraded configurations with super-powerful product strength. It is the most epitomized model of GWM Pickup Truck at present.

Meanwhile, in order to continue and show the quality and strength of the 20-year top seller, GWM Pickup Truck has built the flagship special edition of Steed 7, with exclusive sky blue body color, special logo and flagship mark. It is reported that Steed 7 and the special edition will be officially released within this year.

Moreover, GWM Pickup Truck has been awarded the certificate of "The Most Influential Brand of Independent Automobile Products during the 40-year Reform and Opening-up" by China Auto Brand Research Center. The new logo of GWM Pickup Truck was also launched at the conference. Under the guidance of the new strategy GWM Pickup Truck will keep being at the forefront of new developments and global markets.

Since the birth of GWM Pickup Truck, its domestic sales have been No. 1 for 20 consecutive years, claiming 33% of the total domestic market share. GWM pickups have been exported to more than 100 countries all over the world. It is also the only pickup truck brand, with annual sales exceeding 100,000 and amount of sales exceeding 10 billion..... There is no doubt that

GWM Pickup Truck, which has created many legends in the industry, is the market leader of China's pickup trucks!  The brand promises to carry forward its position of strength and remain as China's leading LCV brand.  With the continuous advancement of new strategies, GWM will soar to even greater heights in the future!

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