Help Educate Young Men & Women in South Africa

Single parent, low income and even middle income households; as well as child-headed households are tense because as much as decent examination results are expected from the school & university goers, the question keeping them up at night is "Where will I/we get money for university fees, text books, residence, transport, etc for next year?"

Bursary Students at ILM-SA
Image Supplied by ILM-SA

Yes, education is a basic need but in our country not everyone can afford one.

ILM-SA has managed to fund dozens of students over the past few years. In fact, five students who were on their bursary programme are working, earning & contributing to the betterment of their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. Three students graduated this year. There are magical stories to tell of petrol attendants becoming teachers, orphans being moved out of informal housing into student accommodation, university debts of R50 000 per student being cleared so that students could receive their results & proceed.

As the profile of ILM SA's bursary programme grows so too do the number of applications they receive. So this year, they will be using Launchgood - an online crowdfunding platform via which people from around the globe can donate online using various payment methods. 

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