Introducing cimato | moroldo Architects

With over 40 years of combined experience owners, Aurelio Cimato and Adriano Moroldo have completed projects across South Africa. The company offers services in architecture, design and interior design and provide clients with site inspections ensuring all queries are resolved, the design is never compromised and the quality of the build is always superior.

Specialising in high end residential homes which have been featured in top South African publications, cimato I moroldo architects also have a vast commercial portfolio. This portfolio includes over 200 000 sqm of industrial and office buildings in Longmeadow Business Park they have completed key projects in Linbro Business Park, Aeroport, Corporate Park (North &South), Kyalami Business Park and Sunninghill.

The company’s signature design aesthetic is modern contemporary, they have strayed away from cut and paste traditional aesthetics and utilise a modern-day approach, ultimately designing for and taking inspiration from each unique situation, purpose or person. Their designs enjoy simplicity, clarity and minimalist aesthetics that are inherently encompassed in modernism, all incorporated in conjunction with each customer’s own personal style.

Featuring windows as a signature design element allowing extensive light in, bold roof lines and a focus on all things linear while including other structural elements which assist in creating a modern, linear-inspired space which is paramount to this specific, signature design aesthetic.

Both Aurelio and Adriano have a strong understanding of the need to constantly explore new ideas and new forms in order to avoid sticking to a single comfort zone and that remaining ahead of the architectural pack is paramount.

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