It's all about the humble pie

Pies have been with us for centuries and probably go back as long as cooks made dough and a filling.

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There are however claims that the Egyptians were the first to eat pies but not the meaty kind as we know today. They were thought to have included nuts, honey, and fruits in bread dough.

Historians have also traced the meat pies origins to the early Greeks where pies formed part of Ancient Greeks’ everyday diet. They would eat pies for breakfast, loved sweet honey pies or those filled with cheese, honey and garlic.

The delights of the pie spread throughout Europe, via the Romans as they advanced and conquered their way around the globe, where every country adapted the pie recipes to their own unique customs and foods.

There is also reference to pies in the middle ages, where there was a recipe for apple pie in the thirteen century. The cook book written for the chefs of King Richard II in the late 14th century had numerous recipes for caffyn’s, a word describing basket or box with straight sealed sides and top also known as traps. The hardened pastry wasn’t eaten, its function was to contain the filling, but difficult to prove.

In the medieval banquet, the discovery of the hot water crust pastry led to pies becoming the centre piece of the banquet with swan pie being one of the most extravagant.

The discovery of spices around the time of the crusades led to pies being made from meat and also from added dried fruit such as raisins and spices. Mince pies were said to be on the menu at the coronation banquet of King Henry V in 1413. Originally eaten all year round, mince pies are now associated with Christmas through the Christmas Pie which was made using the same ingredients as the traditional minced pie.

The British even took their pie recipes with them when they landed in the United States as pilgrims but adapted ingredients and techniques that were available to them in this new land.

But as ovens became more common items to ordinary folk, they soon became one of the regular meals in the British diet. Pie, mash and gravy are still a staple diet for many in the UK.

Today, it’s estimated that the British folk eat around a billion pounds worth of pies each year, and there is even the esteemed annual British Pie Awards that takes place in March with over 7000 pies being judged during this competition. 

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