Joburg Theatre Youth Development in partnership with Keziah Production present The Last Respect

The production is set in democratic South Africa is coming to the Space.Com from the 10th April. 

It follows a tale about Grootman Moswaswi as he battles with schizophrenia and loses touch with reality. He is haunted by the atrocities of the past and is unsure of the political future while dealing with a child who is not accepting of their identity.

The main character is that of a South Africa's highly ranked police officer, as a young black man in the late 80s and early 90s, Moswaswi was an activist who worked for The People Must Govern Movement in order to help topple the Apartheid regime.

Moswaswi is betrayed by his own people and becomes bitter and angry, vowing to make them pay for selling him out to the Afrikaners. He joins the security police as an Askari and is "warmly" welcomed by the force. He is promised a better life and a promotion, grooming him to become a killing machine.

Due to his race, Moswaswi is often tortured, beaten and made to watch the brutality black people suffer in the hands of the Afrikaners.   His sustained torture results in severe head injuries which led to the schizophrenia.    With all this, he is still trying to have a voice to influence the new dispensation, rectify past and present state of affairs for a hopeful future. 

The production is written and performed by Michael Mazibuko who holds an Honours degree in Dramatic Arts from Wits University, he has been credited as a performer that “has fun with his physical comedy”



Co-writer Fumani Mabogoane and producer is a Wits University graduate who majored in Performing Arts Management.  Xolani Dlamini is also co-writer,  studied at FUBA School of Dramatic and Visuals Arts. 

The production is directed by BonguKwazi Xulu, a young female director who holds a Wits BA Honours Degree in Dramatic Arts. Her theatre credits include Waiting for Nelson staged at the State Theatre, Durban University of Technology and the Guild Theatre, Ravrengai’s Vumani Oedipus, a Wits production that was staged at the Barney Simon Theatre, Market Theatre and The Antidote: The Musical staged in Joburg Theatre’s Fringe Theatre.



Written by: Micheal Mazibuko, Fumani Mobogoane and Xolani Dlamini

Directed by: Bongukwazi Xulu

Performed by: Michael Mazibuko

Producer: Fumani Mabogoane

Marketing: Hakeem Adewumi

Set designer: Sinehlanhla Q Zwane

Tickets available at 0861 670 670

R70.00 pp

R50.00 pensioners and students

R60.00 block booking (6+)

Performance dates and times

Tuesday, 10 April at 19:00 Open rehearsal – R30.00

Wednesday, 11 April at 19:00 Preview

Thursday, 12 April at 19:00 Opening

Friday, 13 April at 19:00

Sunday,  15 April at 15:00 and 19:00

Tuesday, 17 April at 19:00

Wednesday, 18 April at 19:00

Thursday, 19 April at 19:00

Friday, 20 April at 19:00

Saturday, 21 April at 19:00

Sunday, 22 April at 15:00 and 19:00



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