When you hear Lillia Lessev sing for the first time it is hard to believe that she’s only 16 years old and that the lyrics and music is her own.  This young and super talented musician / singer / songwriter comes from a musical family that moved from Bulgaria about twenty nine years ago.  She got noticed in 2018 when she won a competition via Jacaranda FM and got the opportunity to perform at Jacaranda Day 2018 in front of 9000 people.  Since then her debut single, Heartless hit radio stations locally and internationally and spread like wildfire.  Her latest single, GHOSTS, which is a powerhouse pop ballad will be released to radio today.  If there is only ONE THING YOU DO TODAY it is to TAKE NOTICE of this young UPCOMING STAR.  She is definately going to become one of South Africa’s proud ambassadors  that will make it internationally, soon.  Watch this space !

Lyric video of GHOSTS

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