Nando’s says voe*sek to spellcheck’s red line

Don’t let anyone, especially spellcheck, tell you your name is wrong. In 2018, Nando’s kicked-off the #rightmyname campaign to restore pride in what makes South Africans so unique — our names.

#rightmyname Installation at Constitution Hill
Image Supplied by Nando's

“We have seen South Africans stand up for what is right, fight against corruption and now against spellcheck’s dreaded red line. We felt it wasn’t right that South African names are seen as a mistake,” explains Doug Place, chief marketing officer of Nando’s Southern Africa.

Nando’s, in partnership with M&C Saatchi, conceptualised the #rightmyname campaign to give South Africans a chance to finally say tsek to spellcheck and its judgemental red line. This campaign created a platform for the Jabulanis, the Tshegofatsos, the Verashnis and the Hanneses to add their names to the list and digitally toyi-toyi against spellcheck. To date, more than 40 000 names have been added by South Africans who have had enough of seeing their names as errors.

The honour roll of liberated names

On Human Rights Day, 21 March 2018, Nando’s unveiled a special installation at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg to showcase all the names that have been liberated from spellcheck’s red line.

Download the list of names now, and free yourself and your friends from the red line

You can now download this database, which will allow you to update your computer’s dictionary and see your name and many others in all their glory. Haven’t submitted your name to yet? Don’t worry, Nando’s is continuously updating the database, so join the movement.

Your name is as South African as our famous Nando’s PERi-PERi, and together we will continue fighting the good fight.

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