Natural Solutions to Body Acne

Summer is around the corner, WHO has the time to be dealing with body acne? as if facial acne is not bad enough. for many, body acne occurs on the shoulders, back and chest area and i understand that it could get just a little frustrating. Especially in warm weather when all you want to do is kick back and relax in your bikini or boy shorts. Body acne is very common as is characterised by bumps which can be red and inflamed and filled with pus (very similar to facial acne).

The reason why most people have body acne around their back and chest area is simply because, much like the face, these areas produce quite a bit of sebum (naturally occurring oil produced in our skin to sustain moisture). If this sounds like you, do not sweat because i am about to share some natural solutions to body acne.


You guys know how much i stress living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I believe that the foundation of skin care and and self care, is to make sure that you are healthy. The foods you are feeding your body are necessary to help it fight the inflammation. Not only that, but healthy foods are necessary to help your body regenerate healthy cells that will help your skin look healthy. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, laying low in the stress as well as eating healthily. Do mild exercises and drink water every day to help your body flush out toxins, slow down on the alcohol and the cigarettes!


Studies have found that women usually use about 10 products on their skin a day, with a total of over 150 chemicals in them! now, that is a lot. Although body acne does not affect only women, it is important to note that the products you are using may be detrimental. From your shampoos, to your soaps and moisturisers. I always emphasise the importance of actually reading labels and researching ingredients.

I’m not a fan, at all, of chemical products; i believe that sine we are natural beings, we should be indulging in natural hygiene. Some people would recommend acne treatment, i am still not a fan of this. I mean, at the end of the day, it is your choice how you decide on treating your skin. I just know that many acne treatments actually do irritate the skin, some make the skin photosensitive and some dry out the skin. So, from me, i think natural is always the best way to tackle such things.


Like i discussed above, that the foods we eat play a huge role in the way our skin reacts. In your kitchen, try to include some fresh greens and fresh fruits. these fruits and veggies will supply your body with a great deal of vitamins such as E, A, D and K. These vitamins are essential in maintaining healthy, supple skin, which looks even toned with a radiant complexion.I love Omega Oils, they are a great fatty acid found in fish like salmon and sardines. If this is not your kind of meal, you could always visit your closest pharmacy and get supplements.

Cut down on processed foods, refined carbs and dairy milk. These kinds of foods have been found to be a trigger for inflammation, as they fluctuate blood sugar and insulin levels. Use oils with stable fats to cook your food such as extra virgin olive or coconut oil.


I will say it again, i love natural remedies. I cannot remember the last time i went to the store to buy a ready-to-use product for my skin. It has worked for me for three years and i am not going back to chemical hygiene. So, to help you on your journey, i am going to list a few of my favorite treatments for body acne. I hope that these help you as much as they have helped others. Like anything else, these need consistency in order for them to work at their best. Many times, i come across people who think that just because they are using natural hygiene, they will see a difference in two days. That is like doing 1000 intense push-ups in one go and expecting immediate abs. Chill.



Oatmeal contains Saponins, these act as a cleansing agent, having the ability to cleanse the skin of dirt as well as draw out its oils. It is a gentle exfoliant which contains soothing and anti-inflammatory properties whilst acting as a protective barrier. You can use oatmeal in 3 different ways to reap its benefits.

Place half a cup of oatmeal into a blender and ground it. proceed to place the ground oats into a clean cheesecloth, if you do not have a cheese cloth, you can put into a clean sock/stocking. Dip it into your warm bath water and allow it to soak up some water. place the oatmeal on your problem area and ring out the oatmeal infused water. Do this over and over again until the water is a murky, opaque colour (15mins).
Pour yourself some warm water in your bath and add a cup/ a cup and a half of oatmeal. soak in the bath for 15-25 mins.
grind some oatmeal in a blender and add a few drops of water to it to make a paste. use the oatmeal paste to gently exfoliate the area. if its on your back, you may need someone else to do it.

I love raw honey. It is one of those ingredients that you just have to have in your cupboard at all times. Honey is am anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. So it cleans, treats and heals! to use raw honey, cleanse your skin like your normally would and proceed to apply it all over your problem areas. You will then have to wait for a couple of minutes (15-20) to let the action take place. Rinse it with warm water.


Lets get one thing straight, here. Sea Salt is not table salt. Please do not apply salt onto your skin, it is very bad for you and very dehydrating. Sea salt is an incredibly powerful acne medication that works by cleansing the cells and killing bacteria while also promoting healthy pH levels in the skin. If you read my post on pH balancing toner, you will know how important it is to maintain your body’s pH levels. There are two ways to use sea salt as am acne remedy.

Add a non-comedogenic oil to your sea salt and use it as a gentle exfoliant on your skin.
add a cup of sea salt into your bath water, every day, and soak for 30 mins.

Another miracle ingredient. If you do not have aloe vera gel in your cupboard, i don’t know what you are doing with your life. Just like honey, this product is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic. It is just anti everything that is out to get you and your beautiful skin. Apply a generous amount of aloe very to your problem areas after every shower. That is all you have to do!


What i love about this salt, more than anything, is just how affordable it is and how accessible it is. Just like the sea salt, this natural salt (which is not salty at all) detoxes the skin. it also soothes inflammation while helping to activate enzymes that help the body absorb potassium, vitamin D, and zinc which are essential to skin health. to use this salt, simply pour two cups of it in your bath, everyday, and soak for 15 mins.


Exfoliation is vital. All of the above ingredients are really good exfoliants. Try to shy away from using sugar to exfoliate with. simply because it could cause lacerations and make your breakouts even worse and leave you with risk of infection.


Seems weird that i am asking you to tone your body, right? well, it should not be weird. Toning your body simple means that you are adjusting your body’s pH levels and bringing them back to where they should be. Read my pH toner recipe to find out more on why toning is vital.


Use a non-comedogenic carrier oil or natural moisturiser to keep your skin supple. Leaving skin dry will only make your breakouts worse!


To be honest, i hate essential oils. There are so many misconceptions about essential oil and many are widely used in spite of the fact that most are not suitable for skin. I love using essential oils as aroma therapy, either in a diffuser or in candles, not necessarily to put into my products. BUT, that is not to say that there aren’t those select few which are suitable for skin care. Tea-tree happens to be one of them.

I love tea-tree oil, it is an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-septic so it will sort out your swelling as well as your infections. the best way to use tea tree oil is to add a few drops to your carrier oil moisturiser and apply it in your problem areas. I know that there are people who add drops in their bath water but i don’t know how effective that would be. especially because i think you would ave to add way more than “a few drops” to make it effective a whole bath tub full of water. By the way, essential oils do not come cheap!


Maintain good hygiene and keep skin clean and dry. use antibacterial soaps.
Use gentle cleansers and avoid vigorous scrubbing.
Shower immediately after physical activity that makes you sweat.
Apply Moister after bath to nourish back skin. Use water-based moisturizers rather than oil-based ones. Oil based moisturizer clog the pores and causes blackheads, pimples and other symptoms of acne
Sleep on your sides instead of your back and keep bedding clean.
Get regular exercise.
Wear loose, breathable clothing.
Avoid wearing backpacks.
Be patient and persistent. Home remedies take time.

I hope this helps you if you are struggling with body acne. I hope that by the time summer comes, you skin is flawless, you are glowing and looking sexy (AF).

all love.

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