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We offer peace of mind. Well, actually, we offer investment, risk and wealth planning solutions. But a lot of people do that. We do it the smart way.


True North Wealth provides investment and wealth planning services for individuals, families, selected institutions and small to medium business.

A newly formed brokerage within the Liberty stable. Our team is established in Johannesburg, with our main base of operation in Kramerville, Sandton.

We’re more concerned with quality than quantity when it comes to our clients. That way, we can remain available all the time, delivering solutions that are as individual as the clients we tailor them to, whilst keeping up close relationships with industry regulators in areas where we operate.

In other words, we make preserving and growing wealth uncomplicated.

Together, we’ll analyse your balance sheet, identify your goals and then develop wealth management recommendations to meet and exceed your expectations.

By bringing together the right information and working alongside you, our client, we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page. Together, we’ll work toward a common goal – yours.

With dozens of asset classes and thousands of investment choices available, developing and managing your own portfolio can be daunting. As an independent firm, we value objectivity and focus on solutions rather than products.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is to consistently deliver risk-adjusted returns in excess of inflation, across multiple asset classes, irrespective of prevailing market conditions. We achieve this by drawing from exceptional, world-class institutional research and monitoring a constant flow of investment information from multiple sources.

Taking your appetite for risk, tax situation and time horizons into account, we’ll create a personally tailored portfolio to help you preserve and build wealth over the long term.

Through integrated tax planning, we save you both time and money. Our approach is simple, even if the intricacies of tax management are not. We co-ordinate all aspects of your financial life into one cohesive plan, and tax is a critical part of that whole. We’re constantly seeking out the most appropriate tax-efficient structures and investment strategies to make sure we optimise your bottom line.

When it comes to wealth, careful estate planning is critically important and too often overlooked. Our experienced team has the knowledge to guide you through all phases of your estate planning strategy, from formation to the ongoing administration of trusts and estates. We will also help you ensure that your legacy is preserved and that your wealth goes exactly where you want it to.

Whether your focus is on asset protection, supporting heirs or charities, or providing for those left behind, what you want is clarity and direction while avoiding unnecessary taxation. We provide exactly that.

We offer peace of mind. Well, actually, we offer investment, risk and wealth planning solutions. But a lot of people do that. We’re different because we do it in a way that’s crystal clear to you, our client so that you can rest easy while we worry about the complexities of the financial system.

Our solutions are individual. Just like our clients. We act as your financial director, offering advice instead of pitches, solutions instead of products, and straight-talk instead of jargon. First, we’ll get to know you. Then, when we thoroughly understand your specific needs, we’ll get our in-house experts together and combine their solutions into a single plan that delivers exactly what you need. We’re completely confident in the advice we give. That’s why we personally invest in the options that we put forward.

Let’s get to the point. There are no ivory towers at True North Wealth. The same people that run the business, own the business. Our clients always have access to the decision makers. We’re small enough to maintain close, personal relationships, but large enough to provide you with complete financial solutions.

You are our priority. We’re part of your team. We’re in your corner. We tell it exactly like it is. Our clients trust us because we are committed to transparency and total disclosure.

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