New USB Stick HIV Test

This USB Stick can perform an HIV Test with 95% accuracy in 20 minutes.

Good news for South Africans and other African countries, scientists have developed a test that could improve monitoring and treatment of the HIV virus in remote areas.

Developed by UK biotech company DNA Electronics and scientists from Imperial College in London, the HIV Test can now be conducted on a simple USB stick. This will make monitoring your health and status much easier. The idea is that patients will be able to check their viral levels similar to how diabetics check their blood sugar.

So how does this genius piece of technology work:

All the patient needs to do is place a blood sample onto a spot on the USB stick. If the virus is detected, the acidity levels change, which the built-in mobile chip turns into an electrical signal. The USB stick receives this information and can transmit it to any computer, laptop or any hand held device.

The technology is still in it's testing phase and has not been launched for consumer use.

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