Nissan gives African football fans a once-in-a-lifetime UEFA experience

In 2010, when South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup, we witnessed how sport could bring a nation together.

The national flag adorned our cars and gardens, and people who had never seen a vuvuzela before were suddenly experts in how to blow them as we all revelled in the displays of football brilliance from the various teams.

Like millions of South Africans, Nissan is as passionate about cars as it is about football and decided to be a part of this growing global phenomenon by partnering with the UEFA Champions League in 2014.

After Nissan renewed its partnership with UEFA last year for the 2018-2021 cycle of the tournament, the respected Japanese automotive manufacturer decided to share the opportunity to experience UEFA with as many football fans as possible. Nissan South Africa launched #NissanFootballPassion and ran two hotly-contested competitions on social media.

The first phase of the competition involved people sharing what they consider to be #NissanFootballPassion in the form of a video they uploaded to the Nissan South Africa Facebook page.

The once-in-a-lifetime prize involves being flown to Kyiv, Ukraine to watch the UEFA Champions League Final on May 26, 2018. Stuart Blyth was selected as the lucky winner and he will soon be jetting off with a friend to enjoy the exciting culmination of the UEFA Champions League.

Phase two of the competition was just as thrilling, as two winners, Verusha Mudaly and Juliette Peterson and their friends were selected to participate in an exhilarating Nissan GT-R track experience together with a viewing of the UEFA Champions League Final on May 26, 2018.

In line with a Pan-African approach, the #NissanFootballPassion competition involved the participation of people in other sub-Saharan Africa countries. Vishen Coopamah from Mauritius was chosen to fly to South Africa for the Nissan GT-R track experience and to view the UEFA Champions League Final. Coopamah chose his father to accompany him on what was a fun-filled exhibition of performance from the legendary Nissan GT-R and later on from the UEFA Champions League finalists – Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Nissan SA also partnered with SuperSport to run the Nissan Goal Of The Week competition where entrants voted weekly for their favourite UEFA goal and they were subsequently entered into a competition to win the all-new Nissan Qashqai which has an array of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features. The winner of this competition will only be drawn after the goal highlights of the UEFA final is aired in June. The competition is being run on SuperSport and is open to all DSTV subscribers in Africa.

“For millions of people, football isn’t just a sport, it’s a religion. With over-the-top paraphernalia such as makarapas and vuvuzelas, fans celebrate the game in so many creative ways. We understand passion, whether it’s for football or performance and we decided to give passionate Africans a chance to have a little fun in showing off their enthusiasm for the beautiful game,”

said Xavier Gobille, Nissan Africa Sales and Marketing MD.

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