Park Boulevard invites the public to clean up the beach before Easter!

Park Boulevard Centre is hosting a beach clean-up on Saturday, March 24th in association with #CleanBlueLagoon, a group dedicated to cleaning up and maintaining not only the Blue Lagoon and Beachgrove Mangrove areas, but all areas of Durban that need improving.

Image Courtesy Park Boulevard Centre

According to Dale Johnson of #CleanBlueLagoon, which celebrates its second anniversary #CBL event on March 24th, the cash donation by Park Boulevard Centre as well as others over the past two years, has allowed the group to start thankSALOT (Sponsor A Lagooner or Two) programme where donations are used to sponsor unemployed persons to earn a living by coming to work for 4 hours at a time to assist in the cleaning up of the area during the #CBL event.

“Not only are our sponsored volunteers given the opportunity to make a living while doing good for the environment, they are also given refreshments at the end of the event as well,” says Johnson.  

Apart from the thankSALOT programme, the standard #CleanBlueLagoon event is still open to volunteers from all over Durban who want to get involved in the removal of litter from Blue Lagoon beach at their own pace – whether it is for the full 4 hours or the amount of time they have available within the time frame. The event now takes place from 08h00 to 12h00. Once the litter is collected and the bags are transported by the boat team to the south bank of Blue Lagoon, the Wildlands Conservation Trust then collect, sort and recycle from there. 

“Getting involved in events such as these and donating funds for a good cause is what we are all about. Not only do we drive past Blue Lagoon on a daily basis and see a constant build-up of litter and feel the need to assist, but there is an overall need for work within the greater Durban community and it is rewarding to know that we are able to have played a small role in providing assistance.  As removal of litter is a constant process to help protect our marine life, we need the community to get involved to be a part of a better tomorrow,” commented Elisabeth Pretorius (Property Manager under the Broll Property Group).

If you would like to be a volunteer, please contact Dale the Whale (Organiser) on 082 903 0500, and join the #CleanBlueLagoon Group on Facebook to keep updated. 

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