Road SAfety Project South Africa notes the declaration of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences

RSP-SA addresses AARTO


The Road Safety Project South Africa (RSP-SA) notes the declaration of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act as unconstitutional. The court says it prevents local and provincial governments from regulating their own affairs.

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The RSP-SA, however, urges drivers to not see this as a victory and ‘permission’ to continue breaking the rules of the road.

“Currently, there is much uncertainty about the future of the Act and when or even if it will be implemented. Either way, the RSP-SA urges drivers to continue driving within the confines of the law and in a way that is respectful and conscientious of other drivers."


“Internationally, point systems are there to deter rule breaking and dangerous driving by associating serious consequences to this driving behaviour. It is meant to create a much larger deterrent than what a financial penalty alone does. Thus, even though our own point system may be some time off from ever being implemented, it does not give drivers permission or encouragement to drive in a way that is not acceptable and dangerous to society.”


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RSP-SA is encouraging South African drivers to make their own pledge and commitment to safe driving.

“From the time you next drive into the foreseeable future, commit to being the best driver you can be. This includes not breaking any laws, being courteous of other drivers and always taking safety considerations into mind based on conditions and traffic levels. If each driver makes this commitment and a point system is implemented, all can welcome it without any concern."


 “While AARTO may have taken a misstep or two, the idea of a point system is to reduce infringements and consequently crashes. It cannot be denied that South Africa has a major problem with road fatalities. Whether AARTO is implemented or not, every motorist should change their own driving behaviour to bring about the change we need on our roads,”

says the RSP-SA.


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