Salaamedia Interview - July 2017

Salaamedia, founded in January 2016, aims to go beyond the limits of traditional journalism by telling human stories while seeking to inspire people towards active citizenship and participation in helping resolve these challenges or at the least bring relief to those who form the essence of the news story - simply put, Humanitarian Journalism.

Salaam Foundation, is the humanitarian and development wing of Salaamedia which responds to the challenges of poverty, war, natural and man made disasters in both Africa and the world.

I, Nabihah Plaatjes, spoke to Maseeha Gangat-Gardee of Salaamedia on what has to offer South Africans and how we are trying in our own small way to uplift society.

(Podcast below)

I spoke about how we promote any business/ product/ event or service in South Africa, our bloggers & vloggers and discussed one of the products that we sell from the Online Store - the book Gaza Forgotten by Shenaaz Farred.

To contribute to the causes that the Salaam Foundation is involved in e-mail or contact them on 0116800355.

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