Set your hair on "trend" this Summer!

A version of Besmokey Freelights with a melted effect, at Bespoke Hair Salon.

Image Supplied by Bespoke Hair Salon

Set your hair on “trend” this summer!

With winter out of the way and the summer months slowly pushing through, it may be time to spruce up the old and bring in the new.

Start summer off with a little pamper time with a session at the salon. Hair trends are all the craze and should be considered when either wanting to try something new or adding dimension to your dull winter hair.

Bespoke Hair Salon in Durban finds it a key requirement for them to stay on trend. Donald Olive (owner) shares his advice on some of the new trends to follow now that summer is upon us.

“My stylists are constantly following hair trends and have also experimented with a few of their own techniques and colours for the summer season. This season, think blonde, blonde, and more blonde – both cool and warm tones! Blonde has a knack of never going out of style, but it is the shades of blonde that can vary in terms of trend. The trends featuring blonde include nude hair, balayage and babylights, silver blonde/grey, snowlights, mulit-dimensional platinum blonde as well as a technique called colour melting,” he says.

Get naked!

For those wanting to try a different colour trend, nude hair may be the way to go. This colour is a neutral colour that lies in between a warm and cool tone.


Trending of recent is a combination of the two popular techniques, that of applying Balayage and Babylights. This technique helps breathe life into dull hair, especially if the person does not want anything over the top.

Shades of grey

If you are slightly more adventurous, then this could be your perfect match. Silver Blonde has topped the charts of popularity, with silver/grey being added to both brown hair and more popularly, blonde hair. The Silver Blonde can be done in one full colour or in a balayage style.

Brrr, its cold in here!

Snowlights are exactly what they sounds like – a crisp white colour, added in a snowflake shape on the crown of the head. This technique is popular with those who are already blonde, as it gives off a somewhat ombre’ effect, however it can also be applied to other shades as well.

Techniques on trend:

Colour melting - Melting is a technique that blends the highlights with the base colour of the hair so you don't have any distinct lines and looks more natural.

Freelights – Similar to that of balayage, free lights are applied to the hair strands in a “free” motion in random places on the hair.

When chatting to one of the hair stylists about the hair trends for summer, Claire Swart said, “Apart from following trends, we also create our own. For the look I went for here was a playoff on the silver blonde look. I call it “Besmokey freelights” which incorporates a grey, silvery hue to slightly darkened blonde hair. I blocked the root colour with L’Oreal cool covers 7.1, 20 volume (deep smokey grey). For the mid length and ends I used Inoa in a combination of four colours - 8.1, 8.21, 9.2, 9.12 to give a light silver, purple-grey tone. When I applied the colour, I infused the two, so there was no definite line separating the two colours; a process called melting,” she said.


Image Supplied by Bespoke Hair Salon

For those wanting to try a hair trend this summer, here are some important tips to consider when visiting a salon:

  1. Book with a hair stylist that specialises in colour.
  2. Take a photo with you so the stylist can see just what look you are after.
  3. It is important to note, however, that every person has a different hair texture and takes to colours differently. If two people come in for the same colour, it will not necessarily turn out the same for both people. Bear that in mind when your hair colour is complete.
  4. If you are going for a colour such as grey – the colour only lasts 2 to 3 weeks and it is important to maintain the colour by using hair appropriate products to extend the life of the colour. Ensure to talk to your stylist about hair maintenance.

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