Entrepreneur Focus - Merle Martin

Our online store Entrepreneur Focus this week is on Merle Martin.

Merle is an innovative entrepreneur whom we had the pleasure of working with, at the Rosebank Market. Running a business is nothing new to Merle as she entered the entrepreneurial game many years ago with her glass crafts. A few years ago, she decided to leave the glass crafts and started to focus on handmade animal toys, which she started as a hobby.

She has made many different designs over the years including theme-specific, like her Alice in Wonderland collection.

When we first saw the product, we were absolutely amazed. There are no choking hazards such as little buttons for the eyes of the animals. The material is fully machine washable and the inner fabric off the doll always reshapes. The best part about it, is that the animals are all handmade which means Merle can make them to your specific design in terms of colour or fabric. The toys range from R250 on our online store which includes delivery.


Merle doesn't stop there, she has recently introduced a range of handmade soaps. The soaps which come in different fragrances and designs is another innovative product by Merle. The texture is so beautifully crafted but we would expect nothing less as Merle puts a lot of care and love into every task she sets out to do. Just as her animal toys look exactly like the animal that she intends it to be, the soaps take on the exact same replica of her desired choice as well as in some cases, the scent. For example, a uniquely crafted cake of soap in the shape of a chocolate cake, looks exactly like a piece of chocolate cake and smells like one too!


The soap can be used by all ages including children. In fact our toddler uses it and if the soap goes in his eyes, he doesn't scream as he would with the normal baby soap from top brands. The soaps are mild and gentle on the skin and definitely very pleasing to the eye. The handmade soaps range from R60 and are also available online including delivery.

Support this local entrepreneur by purchasing her products; SA Softies and Playtime Soaps

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