The Secret’s Out: Janira Now Available Online

South African Lingerie and Swimwear specialists, Barclay & Clegg, are pleased to lift the lid on their best-kept secret: Spanish label Janira products are now available from their online store.

Image Supplied by Barclay & Clegg

Since introducing the high-quality Janira range into their stores two years ago, exclusive importers Barclay & Clegg have seen the brand grow to become a firm favourite amongst style-conscious women who love the sheer marriage of sensuality and sensibility Janira has to offer.

Body Silueta Secrets
Image Supplied by Barclay & Clegg

Manufactured in the Spanish province of Catalonia, near Barcelona, Janira’s feather light shaping briefs flatter women in the best possible way, keeping their secrets and flaunting their assets.  The range offers something for everyone, with different items offering varying levels of support. Janira believes in the ‘seamless’ look, so all items emphasise the ‘invisible, mark-free’ effect. No more unsightly panty lines and puffy bra contours: smooth is in, and it’s available online for ultra-convenience!

Culotte Silueta Secrets
Image Supplied by Barclay & Clegg

Whether you’re after the perfect cleavage, giving you an ultra ‘volumising effect’ or want to keep your tummy under control; or whether you’re wanting to smooth your thighs, your secret’s safe with Janira, masters in the art of keeping feminine mystique intact in the best possible ways!

Silueta Forte Secrets Figure
Image Supplied by Barclay & Clegg

So sit back, browse through Barclay & Clegg’s online Janira collection, and prepare to fall in love!

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