Toyota Partners with News24 to Launch Mobility for all Website

Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) has launched a new website under the Media24 umbrella (News24 / Sport24), aptly titled “Mobility for All” to help drive their “Start your Impossible” campaign which rolled out late last year in over 21 countries.

Toyota Partners with News24 to Launch Mobility for all Website
Image Supplied by Toyota South Africa

This global campaign reflects the Olympic and Paralympic spirit of encouragement, challenge and progress, which is aligned to Toyota’s global vision and way of thinking.

Since Toyota entered the global partnership with International Olympic and Paralympic committees, many interesting projects worldwide have already started.

In fact, Toyota’s philosophy of “Mobility for All” aims to transform the way people move throughout the world. And in so doing, create solutions to the mobility barriers that limit human potential – from optimised public transportation systems for large cities, to individual solutions for people with physical challenges.

For Toyota, mobility goes far beyond cars; it’s about overcoming challenges and making dreams come true.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the official “Start your Impossible” campaign advertisement entitled ‘The Spot’, which is featured on the website. Directed by Australian director John Hillcoat, it spotlights 100 people in every stage of life, from a toddler to a Paralympic fencer to an elderly woman getting assistance from a Toyota "human support robot". 

Bringing the campaign closer to home, Toyota South Africa will share some insightful, inspirational and heart-warming stories from locals who explain how they’ve overcome challenges and obstacles, as well as achieved excellence in their personal and professional lives.

The stories are diverse and cover a broad spectrum of topics, from sports to personal accomplishments. With reference to the latter, one needs to look no further than Julia Albu, an 80-year-old granny who’s embarked on an epic journey from Cape Town to London and back again, in her 20-year-old Toyota Conquest. 

Readers will also be encouraged to share their ‘start their impossible’ stories – and in the process put themselves in line to win some awesome prizes. More details will be posted on the website towards the end of August.

Under the ‘sports’ banner, the website will kick off with Toyota Free State Cheetahs’ Ox Nche, who was recently announced as a new Springbok player.

More sportsmen and women will be featured over the next coming months, where they’ll share their personal stories on how they’ve triumphed in their respective sporting fields.

The website also highlights some of Toyota South Africa’s top Corporate Social Responsibility projects. There are insightful and motivational video interviews where three organisations and their project managers share how they ‘started their impossible’ and demonstrate the values of humility, hard work and sheer grit.

“As a worldwide partner of The Olympics and the Paralympics, Toyota’s aim is to encourage the formation of a peaceful society without discrimination through sports and a commitment to creating a sustainable society through mobility.

“Toyota's values of continuous improvement and respect for people are shared by the Olympic games, which brings together the entire world in friendship and solidarity to celebrate the highest realisation of human potential. This is a message we certainly want to spread”,

says Andrew Kirby, President and CEO of Toyota SA Motors.

Visit or go to and click on the “Mobility for All” tab.

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