We are Real South Africans - Intro

We are Real South Africans trying to make a Real Difference

Today, 25 June 2016 marks the one year anniversary since we've launched our website.

But who is iloveza.com ? That's the question many people have been asking.

Are we a large organisation, are we funded by the government, are we robots ?

Haha! No, we are none of the above. The "robots" questions is because we try and interact as much as we can with our followers and customers on social media. We like our fans' pictures, comment on them and try our best to follow all of them back where we can (until we hit a limit). We monitor all our accounts and website traffic personally, but more of that to come.

We want South Africans and our international followers and customers to know a bit more about us, who we are, what are our qualifications and experience, why we started the business and where do we see the business heading in the coming years. We thought it would be a good time to start the journey of our story today, on our first birthday.

We will be revealing more about us, so keep a look out for our next article on who iloveza.com really is.



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