Wesbank Online Services Enhance Car Ownership Experience

For many consumers, the car ownership journey consists of the day they take delivery of their vehicle and the day they trade it in.

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However, between these milestones sit the less-glamorous aspects of car ownership: licence renewals, maintenance, traffic fines and more.

As the market leader in vehicle finance, WesBank has used its four decades of expertise to enhance each step of the ownership experience. This includes introducing innovations such as online applications and iContract, which have helped consumers save time on paperwork when they first get their vehicles. WesBank has continued to introduce comprehensive, customer-centric online tools that help take the pain out of obligations that form a part of the ownership journey.

“For anybody driving out of the showroom today, the last thing on their mind is standing in a queue to renew their car’s licence or begrudgingly having to pay a traffic fine,” says Ghana Msibi, Executive Head for Sales and Marketing, WesBank Motor Division. “We’ve used our extensive motor industry expertise and knowledge to develop tools and partnered with leading service providers to take care of these administrative tasks, and add meaningful value to our customers’ car ownership experiences.”

This offering is conveniently available through the WesBank self-service portal, which is accessible to every customer who has an active vehicle finance account with WesBank or its partners. The tools and services available to customers have been created to add value to every stage of the vehicle ownership journey. Annual renewals of vehicle licenses are available at the click of a button, with a single fee to handle paperwork and delivery. For motorists who have accidentally strayed over the posted speed limits on roads, the online portal offers a central facility for easy payment of national traffic offences.

Accountholders have access to a wealth of information about their financial status. Current and future settlement quotes can be downloaded see the status of their loan. Customers planning a vehicle purchase can check their credit profile and monthly affordability on the portal. Those who have cars financed with WesBank or its partners can see whether they have reached the break-even point of their current finance agreement – the point at which their current vehicle’s trade value is higher than the outstanding loan amount.

“Our aim is to offer users easy access to the most-requested information for fuss-free interactions during their vehicle ownership,” said Msibi. “We have used the latest technologies to empower our customers in ways that truly complement their lives and live up to their expectations in a digital era.”

About WesBank:

WesBank is the acknowledged leader in Vehicle and Asset finance. The WesBank Group is an international company with successful operations throughout Africa as well as the UK, offering Vehicle and Asset Finance, Full Maintenance Leases, Value-Added Insurance Products and personal credit solutions. With more than four decades of expertise and $15 billion in assets, WesBank is the partner of choice for over 80 leading international brands in fields such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and insurance providers.

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