What we do and Why we do it...

Some of you who are reading this might know what I do, some might not, and others don't care.

I thought I would write this post because I think many people that we interact with on a daily basis, don't know what we do at iloveza.com
I have had people who think that we only have an Instagram page and ask me "if we do it for fun" or "how can you monetise sharing other people's posts?".
I've had businesses tell me that they don't want us to promote their products because "they don't have the budget".

And of course there have been companies/ people who try to avoid us at all costs because they think we are a threat to them.

Firstly, we are not a threat to anyone, nor do we want to take any business anyway from anyone.

On the contrary. We are here to promote every single business/ individual in South Africa, big or small. We promote products, services, events, and even bloggers and vloggers.

The products of these businesses are promoted through our online store, where we do not charge the vendor/supplier any setup fees, any monthly fees, any transactional fees, nor do we charge them for packaging and delivery of their products. We go a step further and offer free delivery to customers anywhere in South Africa, no matter how much they spend.

There are many talented individuals who just don't have the resources, or don't know how to give their products the exposure it needs and that's why we are here to assist them without charging them for the assistance we provide.

My wife and I who run the business by ourselves, Don't have the financial capacity nor the funding to assist businesses like others can, and we are not here to do that either.

Through our knowledge and experience and the grace of the Almighty we found other ways to assist those in need with our limited amount of resources.

If you have an online store, physical store or even a pop-up at a market, that's great, keep it! We don't want you to stop it, we are just offering you another platform to promote your products, and reach a wider audience that you might not have access to yet.

Let's be honest, most physical stores, pop-ups and even some local online stores, only deliver in South Africa.

We go the extra mile and make sure that your products get the exposure it needs by offering worldwide shipping. We deliver anywhere in the world, and again try to get the cheapest rates for the end user (customer) so that they keep coming back for more.

Businesses that don't offer products but rather are service based, we promote through our business directory; where we offer them not just a listing but almost like an electronic business card that has all their business details which can be shared over many social media apps, and all the information is linked directly (for ease of communication by the user) to their phone numbers, email address, website and even their physically address (linked to Google maps).

Events that we can attend, we do so and give exposure for them before the event, during the event, and even after the event, and sometimes if the organisers allow, we run a competition so that others can also attend the event.

We are PR-friendly and assist many PR companies in creating exposure for their brands, so once again we are not taking away their business, we are aiding them to reach a wider audience.

There are many bloggers and vloggers in South Africa and many of them do great work but never get seen or heard because their stuff does not go viral or they don't have a huge following. We call on any bloggers or vloggers to share their work with us and we give them exposure to thousands of new readers while giving them full credit for all their work and linking all that we share of theirs, back to them.

I think I was still on firstly; so secondly, we do not just have an Instagram page or just sell biscuits on our online store like some people think.
We run a Facebook page where all our products can be purchased through Facebook without going on to our online store (which is an e-commerce website - that is, safe and secure).

We have a Twitter page, and Instagram page, YouTube Channel, a weekly newsletter, and of course our website and online store. I say website and online store because although it's the same address, the two are different.

The website provides information on a daily basis about what is happening in and around South Africa, and there is other useful information, as well as a place to find great travel deals and financial advice.

The online store is exactly that: a store that has thousands of local and international products.

This is what we do in a nutshell, maybe if we get interviewed on a tv show like Expresso Morning Show - SABC 3, Mela, or Sabc 2 Morning Live, or even on radio like 702 or Highveld we could reach a wider audience to explain to them how we are helping everyday South Africans with iloveza.com so they do not end up in a similar situation that we found ourselves in.


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