World Snake Day – Celebrated at uShaka Marine World on the 15th and 16th July

World Snake Day

Our very own “Indiana Jones snake beefcake” – one of Durban’s popular models, Stanley Okwulieaku gearing up for World Snake Day!

With World Snake Day being celebrated on Sunday, July 16th, uShaka Marine World invite you to visit Dangerous Creatures in the uShaka Village Walk Mall which will be open from 10am – 16:30pm on both Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th. Snake demonstrations will take place at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00.

Meet the herpetologists who will be celebrating this day dedicated to the awareness of snakes by encouraging visitors to get to know more about our reptile friends and why they are so important.

The lack of awareness about these elusive creatures fuels the misunderstandings that lead to them being feared and killed, and it is this fear that prevents people from really trying to understand the ecological importance of snakes, and to appreciate them for the stunning, magical creatures they are.

Did you know there are 130 different species of snakes in South Africa and only 10% of them are venomous? It is also important to understand that snakes are flight animals which means their first response is to flee from danger and not to stay and defend themselves as is the case with fight animals.

In South Africa snakes don’t hibernate in winter, but they do slow down and are not as active as they are in summer, but if you do see one, treat it with respect and allow it to get away safely.

For more information or costings call uShaka Marine World on 031 328 8222 during office hours.

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