Coconut and Prawn Soup by Theo Mannie

Recipe for Coconut and Prawn Soup

Image supplied by Granny Mouse Country House & Spa 


Recipe provided by Granny Mouse Country House & Spa


·         400g raw prawns shells removed

·         400g coconut cream

·         2tbsp fresh coriander chopped

·         1 pinch of chili flakes

·         400ml thick cream

·         1tbsp cumin powder

·         1tbsp coriander powder

·         2tbsp turmeric

·         1tsp fish sauce

·         1tsp sugar

·         20g cucumber seeds removed and chopped

·         1 sprig of fennel stems removed



·         In a sauce pan.

·         Pour the coconut cream and heat up on medium heat.

·         To this, add the cumin, coriander powder, chili and fresh coriander.

·         Stir the mixture together until it has completely combined.

·         Add the turmeric and stir before pouring in the cream.

·         Once the sauce has thickened and it resembles a thick sauce, add the fish sauce and sugar at the same time.

·         Cook for a further 2 min before introducing the prawns.

·         Continue to cook on medium heat until the prawns have cooked through.

·         Check the seasoning before serving.

·         Garnish with the fennel.

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