Easy Chocolate Pudding / Tart Recipe

I absolutely love desserts!

... and I think for that reason, I do not like to make them. Sounds crazy? It's just the thought of messing it up and not having it taste exactly like how I expect it to taste, or look like how I want it to look! I'm not as fussy with regards to food, but with my desserts and sweet treats, I hold a high standard.

We had a family get-together a few weeks ago and usually I would steer clear of making desserts - rather opt for either a bake or any type of food, but this time I had something that I was dying to use!

A Carton of First Choice Velvet Chocolate Flavoured Dairy Dessert. There were three options on the back of the box on how to use it. The first was as a milkshake, the second as an ice cream and the third, as a pudding. I tried the third option.

The box said, to simply pour the chilled contents (which meant I left it in the fridge overnight to chill) into a bowl and then whip until light and fluffy.

That was it!

Naturally, this intrigued me - a dessert made by simply pouring one ingredient and having it whipped.

When I felt that it had reached it's light and fluffy stage, it was slightly lighter in colour and almost looked like a chocolate mousse - or maybe it looked exactly like one...

I decided that it feels wrong to have something made this easily, so I took out a packet of Baker's Tennis Biscuits and made it into a double decker Tart.

First, I lined the bottom of my dish with the Tennis biscuits, then I dished  out the chocolate mousse-type concoction on top of the biscuits and placed another layer of biscuits on top of that, eventually ending off with a layer of chocolate mousse right at the top. 

I crushed some Tennis biscuits on top to garnish and went a bit further by adding tiny, coloured marshmallows in the shape of a plant - just for fun!

The result?

A dessert made in a few minutes, with just a few ingredients!

Perfect for those who are juggling their time

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