Recipe: Low Carb Falooda Milkshake by Aniseeds

Another favourite of mine during Ramadhaan is the falooda milkshake which we don't drink often seeing as it's very high in sugar thanks to the rose syrup but what if there were an alternative recipe to the real deal which is almost as good? Made with lactose free milk, low carb vanilla ice cream and homemade low carb rose syrup, I managed to whip up a jug of falooda milkshake for iftaar this evening! The recipe will be in the comments section. Have a wonderful iftaar! Decor board compliments of @nanodesigns1

Low carb falooda milkshake:

Recipe credit: @aniseeds
Picture credit: @aniseeds


2 glasses milk/lactose free milk/almond milk
1 full scoop of low carb vanilla ice cream
Sabja seeds
Rose water
For the ice cream:
2 eggs
5 tbslps xylitol
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 cups whole milk
2 tsps vanilla essence
1/4 tsp salt


Beat eggs with mixer until frothy
Ads xylitol a little at a time until mixture thickens
Add in all remaining ingredients and mix well (not too much) just to combine
Process per your ice cream makers instructions

For the syrup:
The ratio of water to xylitol is 1:1
Heat equal amounts of xylitol and water, stirring until all the grains have dissolved (do not boil)
Cool and store in sealed jar in refrigerator until needed

In a blender, add in milk, ice cream, syrup to taste, a drop of rose water and a touch of red colouring for colour. The colouring can be ommited of needed.
Decorate with chopped pistachios, rose petals and sabja seeds

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