Recipe: NOLA Crumbed Chicken Strips & Chilli Mayo Dip

Recipe for NOLA Crumbed Chicken Strips & Chilli Mayo Dip
(complemented with yellow rice and potato wedges with the skins)

NOLA Crumbed Chicken Strips & Chilli Mayo Dip
Recipe Credit Nabihah Plaatjes
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

I've always read that when you want to crumb an item of food, you need to crack an egg in a bowl & whisk it. Then dip it in the egg and thereafter, your choice of crumbed mixture. 

But mayonnaise has egg in it... So would that not hold the crumbed mixture to the food item whilst frying? 

This called for an experiment! 
I don't usually recall how many teaspoons/ units of measurements is used when I cook and I don't follow recipes to the T either... 

But have a look at my "recipe" for crumbed chicken using NOLA mayonnaise as a binding ingredient.

It's a great snack or can be made in to a meal with the right sides, like I did with sweet yellow rice, cheesy potato wedges (with the skins), and a chilli mayo dip.


2 x Chicken breast fillets
Mayonnaise (NOLA 😉 )
Spice - I used chilli powder
Crumbed mixture - I used cornflakes
Oil to fry


Washed Chicken breast fillets cut into strips
Depending on the quantity of chicken strips, see the ratio needed:
Some mayonnaise poured into a bowl
Add some spice to it and stir 
( I threw in a bit of chilli powder)
Then place the chicken strips in the bowl of chilli mayo, turning it around in the mixture making sure that it's fully covered
(Do this for all the chicken strips)
Thereafter, roll the mayo-drenched chicken strips in the crumbed mixture 
(My mixture was made by crushing cornflakes - but ready-made breadcrumbs would do the trick)
Then heat (medium heat) up a frying pan with some oil (not too much, probably just 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil depending on the size of your pan)
And place the crumbed chicken strips in the pan to fry, turning it every so often so that each side is properly cooked and taking care not to burn them.
They should look golden brown in colour and can break easily when breaking them with a fork.
Take them out of the pan with a slotted turner or a skimmer or even a fork - whichever you feel comfortable with that will allow you to take the food out safely and let excess oil drip back into the pan while taking it out.
Place on roller towel to blot out excess oil.

For the chilli mayo dip: 

Mayonnaise and a chilli sauce would do, but if like me, you didn't have a chilli sauce when making this then try this out:
Pour some mayonnaise in a saucepan and add a good amount of chilli powder and stir for a few minutes (not too long) on a low heat.
Chilli powder's essence is only really released once heat is involved, hence the heating up.

Enjoy your crumbed chicken strips and dip with some yellow rice and of course, potatoes 
- we've heard that potatoes cooked with their skin on, is more healthy than peeling it off.



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