Recipe: NOLA Pancakes

On dull, gloomy days, we like to make Pancakes!

NOLA Pancakes by Nabihah Plaatjes
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

Pancakes have always been my favourite treat or breakfast meal to make as it's extremely easy. I like the fact that you don't require too many ingredients, too many different utensils or too many methods.

You can, however, add in ingredients such as nuts, chocolate and buttermilk as well as many other things to make it "extra" but on the whole, if you don't have many ingredients and you want a nice treat or a good breakfast, pancakes are the way to go!

When I was younger, one of my aunts would tell us that on dull, gloomy days, we should make pancakes, so this concept has always been in my head.

Today, in Johannesburg, we woke up to rainy weather and my first thought for breakfast was (yes, you guessed it) - Pancakes!

Just a note - Pancakes (in my opinion) are the thin version. I refer to the thicker versions as crumpets or flapjacks and others would call that dropped scones. 

Also to be noted, I like to have something savoury before having something sweet, especially in the morning or if I haven't eaten for awhile.

So before I made the "normal" pancakes, I made a small "savoury" batter in a separate bowl.

Last side note - I don't use accurate measurements in my recipes, I sprinkle a bit of everything, add some love and hope for the best.


A few Tablespoons of Flour

A few Tablespoons of Mayonnaise (NOLA ūüėä )

A bit of Cayenne Pepper

A bit of water (to make the batter thin in the pan, just how I like it)

A bit of butter (to fry the pancakes)

Cheese (To be used once it's done - other ingredients can be used as well, such as peppers, onions, chicken, meat, etc)


Mix the flour and mayonnaise to give it a good, smooth texture, put in some water to make sure that the batter is not too hard, sprinkle in some cayenne pepper.

Before heating up the pan, I like to spray "Spray & Cook" or "Cook & Bake" even when I have a non-stick pan! 

Place a bit of Butter on a heated (medium heat) pan and pour in a dollop of batter, moving the pan around in order to get the pancake to spread throughout and give your desired look of a pancake - preferably round like a roti ūüėĀ.

Once you see slight bubbles on top, you know that it's ready to turn around, so flip it over and keep it in until it's the colour you would like it to be (my preferred colour is shown in the picture)
Once out, place some cheese (or whatever else you'd like to) on one side of the pancake and roll it.

The addition of NOLA Mayonnaise had quite a good result in my opinion for my experiment with the savoury pancake. While using this batter, I noticed that the mayonnaise actually gave it a creamy texture, so I decided to add it in to my already made "Normal" Batter for Pancakes:

Ingredients for "Normal" Batter for Pancakes with Mayonnaise:
1 cup flour
1 1/4 cup milk
1 egg (some call for 2 eggs - see which works for you)

Beat these ingredients together to create the batter 

Add in a few Tablespoons of Mayonnaise to #CreateAStir
(check the ratio and see how much you actually need)


The batter is now ready to follow the steps as the previous method, written above. If you would like to make the batter a bit more thin/runny, in order to make the pancakes thinner like how I like them, add in some water (just to make it a bit runny, not too much)

For Cinnamon Sugar:

Take Sugar & Cinnamon Powder
(more sugar to cinnamon powder ratio) to make Cinnamon Sugar 

Shake some onto a plate before placing the (cooked) pancake on,
place the (cooked) pancake and shake some more cinnamon sugar on top of the pancake.

You can either roll it up as is,
or spread some chocolate sauce or any other sauce,
as well as fill it with strawberries or bananas and then roll it and drizzle with chocolate sauce...




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