Foodie Review : Arnolds Restaurant (Gardens, Cape Town)

This was a review done in March 2013. If you have any recent experience and would love to share it, please send us an email with your review so we can publish it.


Whilst staying at the Lion’s Guest House in a beautiful and busy Suburb of Gardens, Cape Town during March 2013, we encountered a bit of a low point in an otherwise wonderful and amazing trip.

The Lion’s Guest House was lovely – review of that to come – but their choice of breakfast place for us (since it was a Bed and Breakfast but they had an alliance with Arnolds to give their lodgers breakfast) was unlike what we experienced with them. On our first day we received these vouchers so that we may have a breakfast of our choice :

 “What a great idea!” we thought….

On our first day having breakfast there, a Saturday, we chose to sit inside and have something healthy.


– My Option : A Fruit Platter – Hubby’s Option : Muesli with Fruit & Yoghurt as well as

a Cup of Coffee for the both of us    

We thought that this was quite awesome and finished our meal! Until….. something caught my hubby's eye on the mirror behind me :

 It was a cockroach!!!! A big Brown Cockroach. I calmly got up out of my seat, shrieked a little and then notified the waiter. He apologised profusely and sprayed the insect until it’s Doom.

We remained calm, thinking it might just be a “once-off thing” and that insect probably came from somewhere else, we should not judge these people and a lot of people are here anyway. So we continued to sit there and we took photographs.

 that was the End of Day 1

Day 2, Breakfast : We decided to sit outside and opted for a more filling meal



 looks okay, doesn’t it?

Look Closely at the Cup :      I did not drink as yet and I noticed that… quite dirty. Hmmm…. And yet again Hubby spots something whizzing past us. This time on the Table where we are sitting, smaller and black :

 It was a Small, Black Cockroach! Disgusting !!

At this Restaurant we have spotted 2 Cockroaches! We notified one of the Waiters; she said that she’ll call the Manager. The Manager approached us and we showed him the little black Cockroach dining with us. He said that it was probably from the Restaurant next door; Cafe Sofia, which had closed down. We informed him that this was not the first time we had spotted a filthy insect; the day before inside and on that day – outside! He actually made no apologies and let the little bugger run free :

              Spot the Insect!

The Manager said that they will reimburse us for the meal that we had not eaten – due to dirt and a dirty little insect but our meal was already paid for by us because it was included in our rates to the Lion’s Guest House. With that response, he gave us back the vouchers – as if we would be going there the next day! REALLY ?!!! Utterly disgusted at the Manager’s reaction to this, I would highly recommend people stay away from this place until thorough hygiene is implemented and they receive an Inspection from someone who believes that insects are not meant to be in a Public Eating place and Dishes need to be washed after Every use.

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