Be The Star! with Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist

Imagine a live show where YOU are the star,
without even having the educational nor working experience of how to perform!
All you have to do... Is be Yourself! ūüėĀ

André the Hilarious Hypnotist 
with the Second Opening Night Cast
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


Imagine watching your friends do some wacky and wonderful things on stage while you enjoy the fact that it's not you who is causing the crowd to erupt with laughter.

André the Hilarious Hypnotist allows you to bring those imaginations to life with his annual performances at the Pieter Toerien Theatre at Monte Casino.

But be warned, this is his Farewell Tour before he jets off to delight audiences overseas.

André will be leaving our shores soon after his last performance which is on the 23rd February, so get your tickets and watch him now while there's still a chance!

As someone who's watched the entire show and someone who has volunteered to go on stage to be hypnotised, I can honestly say that André definitely lives up to his Hilarious title.

His hypnosis is mixed with a great sense of humour as well as an ability to "read" people well. This, along with the awesome volunteers (who could be you or someone you know) makes for a hilariously hypnotising day/evening out.

Watch our Exclusive Interview with André, as well as a sneak peak of one of his performances:

Exclusive: Interview with André the Hilarious Hypnotist
Video Credits Nabihah and Ziyaad Plaatjes  

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