Château Gâteaux - Indulge Yourself... At Home !

Mouthwatering indulgence at the click of a button ?


 "Comfort food is definitely moving upscale"

                                                - Danny Meyer


So true are these words from the NYC Restaurateur and well known foodie, especially given the most recent delight from Château Gâteaux - their online store!

Only available in Kwa Zulu Natal at the moment, Château Gateaux has impressed us once more by allowing customers to purchase their favourite cakes or desserts online and having the convenience of collecting it from a Château Gâteaux Patisserie near them. This service will soon be available countrywide as there are more Patisseries in the Gauteng region.



With 40 different cakes to choose from, ranging from Gourmet Gâteaux, Crème Gâteaux, Gourmet Mousses and Gourmet Cheesecakes, you are definitely spoilt for choice.



Château Gâteaux has been a favourite of ours for many years and although we couldn't order online as the pickup points are at one of their KZN stores and we're situated in Gauteng, we still tested the system and everything was very user friendly.

To complete the process we needed the cake. We usually go to the Illovo, Bryanston, or Centurion branches to either sit down or bring a piece of heaven home.



This time however, we decided that we would get a full cake and freeze it to see if the cake would still be fresh and still taste as good, as this would be the online ordering procedure. We decided on a Gourmet Strawberry Cheesecake, and although we wanted to eat it straight away we decided to leave it in the freezer for a few days.



Once we were ready (to devour the cake like animals) we cut the cake in half and let it defrost as per the instructions. Without warming the cake or doing anything special we waited until the 90 minutes were up before we indulged ourselves (to put it mildly!).

The sweet aroma was as if the cake was just made in our kitchen. We couldn't wait any longer...

The strawberry flavour burst onto our pallets with the first bite. The soft, moist, marshmallowy cheesecake melted in our mouth and the thin biscuit base was the perfect finish to bring the whole experience together.

We don't want to say anymore, you have to experience it for yourself (and we are too busy enjoying the cake).

Château Gâteaux is taking Pre-Ramadaan orders on their online store for these decadent cakes.

Visit to place your order now.

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