Foodie Review: Mochachos Mall of the South

Nachos, Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Fajitas, Enchiladas and Chimichangas...


I sound like I'm just rattling off names of some Mexican cuisine, but I've actually had this craving for a certain type of Mexican food for awhile now and could not shake it off! We've (Ziyaad and myself) tried different places, but either the portions served were not value for money, or the only option available to us was a vegetarian one.

Almost giving up, we ventured to Mall of the South which was a long way from home, but definitely worth the drive. We walked for awhile around the mall and there it was! The bright and bold red signage of Mochachos, caught our eyes and the immaculate store beckoned. The cleanliness throughout the store and the Halaal certificate just made it more inviting.

We were greeted with such warmth and friendliness by Yunus, and his easy-going nature made our 3 year old feel right at home. This hospitality extended throughout our experience at Mochachos Mall of the South.

He chatted with us while we waited for our food to be prepared and time just flew by, as we met the wonderful family who owns and runs the operation at Mochachos Mall of the South.

The family was kind enough to allow us to make salaah (prayer) in their office, as there were no prayer facilities available in the mall.

When our food arrived, Yunus and his brother Enver politely left us so we could indulge in our meal which included chicken tacos, chicken quesadillas and a large plate of chips with that famous Mochachos seasoning. 

The chicken taco with the guacamole and cheddar cheese in the soft flour tortilla was just the right type of Mexican food that we had been craving! The chicken was soft and had an amazing, crisp taste and we later found out that the store only used fresh wholesome chicken… you can definitely taste the freshness! The taste echoed in the quesadilla as well. Together with the right amount of cheese, sauce and peppers in the toasted tortilla, we had found a winner of a place!

That seasoning and the way the chips were made… we didn’t want to stop eating it! Everything was made to perfection and we absolutely enjoyed our meal and were impressed with the generous portions and the taste of each and every dish that we had. The manager on duty and our waiter, Brighton, was delightful and friendly and added to our lovely experience.

Besides sitting down at the store and enjoying meal, you can order a take-away or have your meal delivered to you for free within a 5km radius of the store on all orders R80 or more between 11am and 30 minutes before the store closes. Their signature sauces are also available for purchase at the store for you to take some of the Mexican flavor home with you.


This Mochachos store in Mall of the South is definitely worth the drive wherever you are in Gauteng, and if you are visiting from other parts of South Africa or even overseas, then make sure to put them on your list of places to visit. 

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