Gourmet Burger Bliss

I've been craving a beef burger for a while now. Not the ones you get from a franchise, or even from a butcher - a pure homemade patty.

Gourmet Grills Signage
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

We've heard good things about Gourmet Grills, but never had the chance to visit them at any of their pop-ups. One of the advantages of the Halaal Food Expo was that most of the good food pop-up stores where all at one venue.

Gourmet Grills Signage
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

As we were not accustomed to the menu we let the owner surprise us, and that is exactly what he did.

The Gourmet Burger by Gourmet Grills
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

My first bite into The Gourmet Burger satisfied the long craving that I had been having of this pure beef burger. Juicy, tender beef, with the right amount of garnish in between, and the saucy mushrooms (which I love) together with the perfect bun to patty ratio made for an excellent meal.

Be sure to check them out at their next market.

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