I scream, you scream, we all scream for Jassat's Ice Cream!

Have you ever had a taste of something and as soon as you took the first bite or lick, you felt that you were transported back to your childhood?

Jassat's Ice Cream Co. Bubblegum Flavour
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

The Bubblegum Ice Cream at Jassat's Ice Cream Co, has a distinct taste of Wick's Bubblegum. Anyone growing up in the last 50 years would immediately know the taste when they try this delicious full cream ice cream.

There are 16 flavours ranging from the original Chipolata with cashew nuts, chocolate pieces and raisins to the new flavours, such as Turkish Delight.

Jassat's Ice Cream Co. Turkish Delight Flavour
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

We had the privilege of trying the Ferrero, Bubblegum and taking home a tub of the Coconut Ice to enjoy.

The Coconut Ice again, took us back to our childhood, as we had fond memories of attending functions where we would have this yummy treat.

Jassat's Ice Cream Co. Coconut Ice Flavour
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

Jassat's Ice Cream Co. has been around since 1936 as the original American Ice Cream based in Main Street, Doornfontein.

Jassat's Ice Cream Co. at the Halaal Food Expo
Video Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

Taking a bit of a sabbatical, they are back now popping up at local food markets, expo, and festivals around the Gauteng region.

Be sure to visit them at their next event.


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