Imaginext: Imagine What's Next with the New Mega Bite Shark

Toys are getting more realistic by the day, which is scary... especially if it's a moving Shark!

Imaginext Mega Bite Shark
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


Fisher Price's role-playing toy range, Imaginext, which was first introduced to the market in 2002, had us shivering in our pants when we recently unboxed the Mega Bite Shark.

Just by pulling away the gift wrap we were in for a huge surprise when our eyes met the fierce looking big, definitely not baby shark, staring at us with its mouth wide open, and teeth glaring on the cover of the box.

My 6 year old son and I were both impressed with the packaging as the box was aesthetically captivating, and the fact that it opened in the centre to give you a full picture of the Mega Bite Shark toy finished off the well designed package perfectly.

Imaginext toys which is made by Mattel, allow children to use their imagination by creating their own adventurous stories which are brought to life with the realistically looking role-playing toys, like the Mega Bite Shark.

The Mega Bite Shark rolls along while creating a life-like swimming action as its head and fin move simultaneously. There is a power-pad on top of the shark which triggers the mouth to open and close in a chomping action, and the fins can also be adjusted up and down.

The set comes with a lonely little scuba diver, his gear, and a cage, and it was not long before my son realised that the Mega Bite Shark could extend his jaw and swallow the scuba diver in one piece. The Mega Bite Shark has a little back door where the diver can be retrieved from, and simply repeat the process - which we did, because it's so much fun!

Isa Plaatjes playing with Imaginext Mega Bite Shark
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


The toy is very sturdy like most Fisher Price toys, which are built to last generations, and we know some that have.

Imaginext's Mega Bite Shark is recommended for children from 3-8 years old and is great for pre-schoolers as they are encouraged to use their imagination to create their own 'sharky tale', learn about this amazing sea creature, and have tons of fun. 

My son could write an entire book of short stories with the amount of different scenarios he has created for the shark and the scuba diver.

The set is available at all major toy retailers and is priced at R599.

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