Laughter and Rhyme at Seussical Jr

Kids young and old,
would love to be told,
The stories of Horton, Sam I am, and that
of the cat in the hat.
So come and visit them before it's too late,
For a show that's going to make you feel great.

Seussical Jr. at the Peoples Theatre
Photo Credits Nabihah Plaatjes

Seussical Jr. reminded me so much of my childhood growing up visiting the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre and the Playhouse in Durban. Those fond memories are why I have such a love for theatre now and who knows, maybe taking our son to the theatre often, will help to grow his interest in it as well? That is not something that I can control, but after watching Seussical Jr. I feel that many children will definitely want to be more involved or to see more stage productions.

Dr Seuss' characters are not the easiest to portray but the cast and crew did a wonderful job of bringing them to life.
The colourful costumes, the vibrant set and their melodious voices kept the kids and their parents enjoying every minute with cheers and laughter throughout the theatre.

Popular snippets from 'Horton Hears a Who' and 'The Cat in the Hat' were performed, but the one that stood out for us the most was the re-enactment of 'Green Eggs and Ham'.

The joy and excitement on our son's face was priceless when the cast all stood on stage and started singing and dancing to, "I do not like them, Sam I am".

Watching this live performance took our son's love for Dr Seuss books and his appreciation of these classic stories, to another level.

He could not contain himself, and he was up on his chair dancing and singing a long. I must admit though, that I think at that point of the show, everyone in the audience was so excited that we "could not, would not" stop singing and dancing.

Highlights from Seussical The Musical Jr.
Video Credits Nabihah and Ziyaad Plaatjes

The season runs through the school holidays with the final performance on 28 April 2019 at the Peoples Theatre in Johannesburg.

Take your kids, take your family's kids, or even take your neighbours' kids, just don't miss out on spreading the joy and happiness that comes from watching Seussical Jr.

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