Make Springholm Your Home

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Make Springholm Your Home
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


"While dipping the delicious, shortcake biscuits into my hot, rooibos tea, I could hear my son shriek with laughter as he enjoyed running around the vast greenery surrounding our cottage, trying to catch his dad.

I leaned back into the sturdy wooden chair and took in the scenery:
The flowing water of the lake could be seen from where I was sitting, and almost looked inviting enough to splash about. I could just imagine letting my fingers run through the glistening water, trying to scoop it up and watching it seep through the spaces in between the top of my palm.

The beautiful sounds and earthy scents of nature brought about such a calming effect that I could easily forget what day it is and where exactly I was!"

Entrance to Springholm
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

One would think this is an intro to a novel, but in fact it's my wife Nabihah (co-founder of jotting down her thoughts of her stay at Springholm.

Whether it's been a hectic week, month or even year, and you just need to get away from the busy, city life; when you love your privacy but you also don't want to be too far away from civilization, then Springholm is where you can call Home!

I've had the hectic year, and I just wanted to escape the city life, just for a few days to relax and recharge.

Hotels are nice, but there's still a bit of hustle and bustle in them that you can't get away from. Bed and Breakfasts could be an option, but sometimes it's not as private as you would want it to be - and at this moment I needed complete seclusion. Then there is self-catering chalets, but that's not really a holiday because you end up working more than when you are at home, with the cooking and cleaning.

It's sometimes very difficult to get all the things that you want, but Brahman Hills has been listening and now they are catering for you and for me.

Springholm Lake Cottages
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

Their new addition to the Brahman Hills Group, is Springholm. Situated about 4.5km from Brahman Hills in Nottingham Road, are three recently renovated lake side cottages and three newly built stone cottages on top of a hill over looking the lake and views of the beautiful forest that surrounds.

We opted for the stone cottages as the breathtaking views were best seen from these cottages.

Springholm at Night
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

When I say new, I mean brand-spanking new, the cutlery and crockery haven't even been used and you can still smell the fresh paint. It's like moving into a new home, fully-furnished.

There's nothing that you need to bring with you when visiting Springholm, except some food items, and there's even a fireplace (with wood and firelighters) for the colder nights.

If you want to enjoy relaxing at the cottage and don't want to cook at all, there is the options of having your meals at Brahman Hills, and soon there will be a restaurant on the Springholm premises - so you don't have to leave the stunning views of the lake.

From Top Left to Right: Springholm Stone Cottage Lounge, Kitchen and Dining Area, Bathroom, Bedroom
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

A nice feature of the cottage that we stayed in, is if you are a couple or a small family like us, you have the option of booking only the downstairs portion of the cottage which is fully equipped with an open plan lounge, dining area and kitchen, full bathroom (shower and bath), and one bedroom with a king-sized bed.

If your family is bigger or you want to invite some friends over to join you, the upstairs has a queen-sized bed, with two single beds and a full bathroom. The upstairs can also be booked as a standalone if you are just looking for a bed and breakfast option.

We opted to have the best of both worlds and enjoyed a few meals (buffet breakfast and a delicious 3 course dinner) at one of the restaurants at Brahman Hills, and the best Spa treatment at the Brahman Hills Spa, while spending some time exploring and relaxing at our cottage in Springholm, with our son playing in the kids' area close by.

View from Springholm Stone Cottages
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

The area is safe and secure and the staff are always around if you need any assistance. The cottages are fully serviced, which was great because the cooking and cleaning usually takes up most of your time at a self catering cottage, but at Springholm you have more time to relax.

If you are travelling to Springholm soon, the entire 4.5km route to the resort is still gravel so please be cautious.


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